Kia Carnival 2002 Design Interior Exterior Car

This is the facelifted rendition of the original which showed up in 2002. It is known at its minimal effort which figures out how to outbid the majority of alternate makers for the least expensive minivan. That is one of the fundamental reasons why this auto was so well known. In Australia, in 2001, the Kia Carnival figured out how to be the top of the line minivan and in the US and Canada it likewise held top positions in deals diagrams.

These incorporate an outside re-vamp, another inside that brings enhanced flexibility, and refinements that are asserted to make the vehicle calmer, smoother and more agreeable. Kia promptly recognizes that fabulous worth for cash has been a critical part of the Carnival’s prosperity and that status is well and really kept up in the new model. The 2002 arrangement Carnival LS comes to showcase at the same value that was recorded for the proportional standard model Carnival back in October 2000. The LS manual is estimated at $31,990 and the programmed costs $34,990. The more sumptuous LE model, which includes calfskin upholstery, compound haggles tone paintwork, is $37,000 in manual structure and $40,000 for the programmed. These costs do exclude merchant or statutory charges.

Fair standard gear levels are for the most part great, however there are a few oversights contrasted with different vehicles. For instance, just a driver’s airbag is fitted (the front traveler passes up a great opportunity), focal locking is incorporated (however it’s just key worked) and there’s no driver’s ottoman. What you do get incorporates double aerating and cooling, a six-speaker stereo with CD player, power controlling, electrically worked outside mirrors and front windows, a motor immobilizer, a tilt directing section, rooftop racks, tinted glass, and front and back mud folds. With regards to its kin mover part, the Carnival’s inside is outfitted with seven lights, six container holders, four seatback tables, two additional force attachments and ten shopping pack snares in the back. All middle and back seats are customizable and removable, and the back seat split folds.

Outside changes have effectively redesigned and modernized the Carnival’s appearance without taking away from its character. Everything from the A columns forward is new, including boards, grille, headlights, mist lights and guard. At the back of the Carnival, the back entryway has been updated for less demanding access to the boot and the new guard has an elastic trimmed step. The back window is greater than before and bigger back lights are highlighted.

With the capacity to slide all seats in reverse and advances, how the Carnival’s space is utilized will be up to individual proprietors’ necessities, however there is great legroom for seven grown-ups. Be that as it may, just six of them will appreciate great solace. The special case is the middle back position which has the inhabitant sitting on the seat division, while the back seat isn’t generally sufficiently wide to take three grown-ups serenely. The middle back position has no head limitation and a lap-just safety belt.

Baggage length is constrained when all seats are being used and most extreme legroom is used, yet with the removable and customizable seating, there is a lot of extension for expanding the heap region size when required. For instance, by evacuating the seats on one side, it’s conceivable to convey a couple of pushbikes and four individuals. The Carnival’s 2.5 liter quad cam V6 motor is a cutting edge, effective unit with great force for its size, yet it has a major undertaking pulling around a vehicle that weighs just on two tons.

In undemanding driving conditions, for example, cruising, or under mellow to direct speeding up, the Carnival performs easily and proficiently. However when it’s called upon to quicken rapidly, or to climb more extreme slopes, it’s not all that formed. The programmed can some of the time drop down two proportions with a going with motor thunder, and generally speaking the motor and transmission match is not especially great. The Carnival handles in a simple and controlled way, with roadholding and cornering abilities that are very satisfactory for this kind of vehicle.

Cylinders : V6
Displacement : 2497 Cm3
Power : 110 Kw @ 5600 Rpm | 150 Hp @ 5600 Rpm | 148 Bhp @ 5600 Rpm
Torque : 165.2 Lb-Ft @ 4000 Rpm | 224 Nm @ 4000 Rpm
Fuel System : Multipoint Injection
Fuel : Gasoline
Co2 Emissions : 261 G/Km
Top Speed : 108.7 Mph Or 175 Km/H
Acceleration 0-62 Mph (0-100 Kph) : 13.8 S
City : 16.6 Mpg Us Or 14.2 L/100km
Highway : 25.8 Mpg Us Or 9.1 L/100km
Combined : 21.4 Mpg Us Or 11 L/100km
Drive Type : Front Wheel Drive
Gearbox : Manual, 5 Speed
Front : Ventilated Discs
Rear : Drums
Tire Size : 215/65r15
Length : 193.7 In Or 4920 Mm
Width : 74.8 In Or 1900 Mm
Height : 70.86 In Or 1800 Mm
Front/Rear Track : 63.8/63 In Or 1,621/1,600 Mm
Wheelbase : 114.2 In Or 2901 Mm
Ground Clearance : 6.6 In Or 168 Mm
Cargo Volume : 12.5 Cuft Or 354 L
Unladen Weight : 4107.2 Lbs Or 1863 Kg
Gross Weight Limit : 5632.8 Lbs Or 2555 Kg

Kia Carnival 2002 Design Interior Exterior Car

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