Koenigsegg Agera R 2011 Design Interior Exterior Car

In light of the standard Agera outlandish, the R rendition accompanies more power, overhauled brakes and a dynamic back wing creating 300 kg of downforce at 250 km/h. Uncommonly ensured the auto can pull 1.5 Gs around the corners. Likewise, the Agera R broke 6 land speed records for a creation auto, including the 0 to 300 km/h to 0 in 21.19 seconds. Later on in 2012, the auto got a few updates coming as more carbon fiber parts (wheels included), air mods and motor tuning to work even with lower-grade fuel.

Other than being outwardly capturing in standard Agera structure, the R form turns it up a score. The showcase model appeared at Geneva is something of a cross between the Lotus that James Bond drove in the Swiss Alps and Speed Racer’s auto. With a specific end goal to expand the execution part of the Agera, Koenigsegg built up a dynamic back wing. Numerous supercars use wings that lift naturally at high speeds, yet the frameworks they use to do as such are frequently awkward. The wing on the Agera R utilizes the weight of the wind made at high speeds to drive the wing descending and make wind resistance. The framework is lighter than ordinary hydrodynamics, as well as more brilliant since it can make up for headwind or tailwinds in a split second. The outline is thoroughly considered so well that even the arches holding the wing up are valuable. They are molded in a way that concentrates air from the motor cove towards the back of the auto.

The Agera R might be the exemplification of execution, however style and extravagance are not lost either. Standard gear incorporates a separable and storable hardtop rooftop, power windows, satnav framework, MP3/USB similarity, atmosphere control, tire weight checking framework, and even a complete auto spread. One of the coolest tech pieces about the new Agera is that you need to get to a unique “Top Speed” mode in the infotainment framework to open its actual potential. Still think the different top rate key in the Bugatti is cooler, yet this is a nearby second. On the off chance that the proprietor so picks, an arrangement of fitted baggage, uncommon calfskin inside alternatives, and a horde of outside hues are accessible. The Geneva auto was fitted with a particular and diverting Ski box on the rooftop. It’s kind of a confusing expression to take your Agera R to the ski resort, however the auto is even accessible with winter tires.

Cylinders : V8
Displacement : 5065 Cm3
Power : 820 Kw @ 6900 Rpm | 1115 Hp @ 6900 Rpm | 1100 Bhp @ 6900 Rpm
Torque : 811 Lb-Ft @ 4000 Rpm | 1100 Nm @ 4000 Rpm
Fuel System : Turbocharged Multipoint Injection
Fuel : Gasoline
Top Speed : 273 Mph Or 439 Km/H
Acceleration 0-62 Mph (0-100 Kph) : 2.8 S
Highway : 18.8 Mpg Us Or 12.5 L/100km
Combined : 16 Mpg Us Or 14.7 L/100km
Drive Type : Rear Wheel Drive
Gearbox : 7-Speed Automatic
Front : Ventilated Discs
Rear : Ventilated Discs
Tire Size : 265/35 R19 || 345/30 R20
Length : 169 In Or 4293 Mm
Width : 78.6 In Or 1996 Mm
Height : 44.1 In Or 1120 Mm
Front/Rear Track : 66.9/65 In Or 1,699/1,651 Mm
Wheelbase : 104.8 In Or 2662 Mm
Ground Clearance : 3.9 In Or 99 Mm
Cargo Volume : 4.2 Cuft Or 119 L
Cd : 0.33
Unladen Weight : 3164 Lbs Or 1435 Kg
Gross Weight Limit : 3638 Lbs Or 1650 Kg

Koenigsegg Agera R 2011 Design Interior Exterior Car

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