KrAZ 7140Н6 Powerful Truck With Great Strength

KrAZ 7140Н6 Powerful Truck With Great Strength – The KrAZ 7140Н6 chassis is designed to be fitted with industrial body equipment for use on all kinds of roads and off-road. This very sturdy design is capable of lifting heavy weights with 4 axis points with an 8×6 wheel formula. The use of KraZ 7140H6 is very suitable for heavy industries that carry heavy loads with a strength that is quite tough with a variety of road terrain.

Many companies are interested in the KrAZ 7140Н6 Base for the BUG-50 drill rig is the heavy-duty KrAZ 7140H6 automatic chassis, which allows it to move even in areas with complex terrain. This model is suitable for creating operational wells, technology and vertical exploration and tends to the possibility of using directional drilling technology with the help of downhole motors. BUG-50 allows making wells up to 1200 mm in diameter and depths up to 3000 m.

Where the KrAZ 7140H6 Chassis with the 8×6 wheel formula has an increased lift capacity of up to 25.3 tons. This car is equipped with diesel engine YaMZ-7511 (Euro-2) with a capacity of 400 hp. and 9-mechanical turning gearbox with automatic demultiplier. High car permeability is due to the use of ID-370 wide tires with dimensions of 1350×550-533 with adjustable air pressure.

Specifications KrAZ 7140Н6
Type : 7140H6
Configuration : 8×6
Truck curb weight, kg : 12 800
Gross weight, kg : 42 800
Load carrying capacity, kg : 30 000
Engine : diesel engine turbocharged, in-line or V-shaped
Power, h.p. : 400 – 408
Gear box : Mechanical, 2-range, 8-, 9-speed
Clutch : dry, single disc
Tyres : 445/65R22,5
Fuel tank, l : 2×250

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