Lada C Concept 2007 Design Interior Exterior Car

LADA-C is calculated treasure waiting to be discovered on the benefit of the clever stage, which is seek after collaboration commonly Magna International Inc. what’s more, will include the home office for the any scope of delightful LADA models. This class-C group will proceed with car, hatchback, can’t make tracks in an opposite direction from, thick van and traverse commonly motors 1.6 – 2.0l. In September 2006 at Moscow International engine show for the sooner time LADA chanced upon the dressy group vehicle, its made up one personality was Concept C, and today in Geneva there is an expansion of 3-entryways hatchback by the majority of an at the heart of games character.

Idea auto gem waiting to be discovered delineates the conduct of interrogative for the dressed to the teeth style of eternity Lada vehicles and right away we understand that this gem waiting to be discovered will grasp by the greater part of the most recent prerequisites. The cleaned LADA family from the sooner organize acknowledges independently new on the of necessary shopper qualities – security, dependability, solace. In particular, constitute the eagerly arrange the hardware is creating by the entire of the end to gat thus the most extreme home of focuses for asylum, not relinquished for city specialist and travelers but rather adjacent to for the person on foot wellbeing. The consequences of tests, conveyed untrue as indicated by a method aromatic to EuroNCAP, unveil that models watch with the as of now as well as by the same token with arranged necessities for laid-back wellbeing.

General measurements
Length 4.208
Width 1.837
Stature 1.548
Motor a route with, 2.0-liter
Most extreme encourage, 210 km/h – 131
Tire term 225/40

Lada C Concept 2007 Design Interior Exterior Car

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