Lamborghini 350 GT Preproduzione Prototipo 1964 Car Design Interior Exterior

In the mid sixties, Ferruccio Lamborghini, proprietor of the industrial facility of agrarian apparatus, had “challenged” to submit to Enzo Ferrari some feedback on the gearbox and the differential of his Ferrari 250 GT, to which the “supporter” of the Maranello he joked: “What does she know of machines that driving tractors.” In response to this reaction of the searing Ferruccio chose to supplement the creation of tractors to autos mentors, ready to rival Ferrari. Subsequent to the goal of Lamborghini was to manufacture “An auto flawless if not especially progressive,” he encompassed himself with specialized high esteem, for example, Giotto Bizzarrini (previous Ferrari). Just Bizzarrini planned another V12 motor with two overhead camshafts for each bank of 3.5 liter 360 hp and another tubular undercarriage with 4-wheel free suspension.

After the presentation of the 350 GTV model, composed by Franco Scaglione (1963), and the deserting of Bizzarrini (who left the Lamborghini to make his own particular image), while the youthful Sant’Agata Bolognese was refounded, with the arrangement Gianpaolo Stanzani (motors) and Gian Paolo Dallara  (outlines).

The 350 GTV was made less touring so as to amaze body (which was endowed with the advancement), updating the front (which had stirred much feedback), tail (halfway) and inside. Withdrawing headlights and ostentatious chrome were evacuated. The first setting of the structure left by Franco Scaglione, be that as it may, was not upset. Likewise the motor, dependably V12 of 3464cm³, was mollified (270 hp), through the appropriation of the camshafts to the profile less “pushed”, the customary grease (rather than dry sump) and 6 Weber carburettors bigger (from 40 mm rather than 36).

The specialized system was finished by four circle brakes Girling, from ZF 5-speed manual and the distinction at Sainsbury’s. Fine (calfskin inside, wooden guiding wheel) and the inside agreeable. Gathering of the new roadster Lamborghini 350 GT involved the Touring of Milan, taking the popular structure Superleggera, yet the undercarriage, whose pace was expanded by 10 cm contrasted with GTV, was inherent Modena by Blacks and Bianconcini.

The auto was shown in sneak peak at the Geneva Motor Show (March 1964) however was not walking. Enthusiastic to abandon the feedback of the GTV, truth be told, Ferruccio Lamborghini rushed to exhibit the new car yet without engine. This maquette was particularly named, then evacuated in the duplicates of the arrangement, “2 + 1” since it had 33% of fortunes behind the main two. To see the complete auto it was not until the Turin Motor Show in pre-winter next. In 1966 the 350 GT offered route to the development of the 400 GT. They were assembled 135 units.

Lamborghini 350 GT Preproduzione Prototipo 1964 Car Design Interior Exterior

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