Lamborghini Huracán Perfomante Spyder 2018 Good Performance

Lamborghini Huracán Perfomante Spyder 2018 Good Performance – Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder 2018 in the lineup and become the entry-level supercar of Lambo. Slightly longer and wider than its predecessor, Huracan uses a different styling language than the Gallardo, featuring a line that comes from the top-topping Aventador. The designs include sharper cues, more prominent side skirts, and a more aggressive overall position. Under the hood, the 5.2-liter V-10 is updated for more horsepower and better fuel economy. Lamborghini Performante model perform higher.

The performant Hurricane has decided to lower the roof and turn it into the Spyder with the highest performance ever seen by the Huracán family. The lines are designed to vibrate the first sight and its cutting-edge technology has been developed to provide a unique driving experience. Weighing less than 35 kg compared to Huracan Spyder 4WD and with 30 more hp, the latest addition to the Wild Bull House has a power-to-weight ratio in the Huracan Spyder range better. It uses Forged Composites® materials and the new ALA technology (Lamborghini Active Aerodynamics). The Hurricane Performante Spyder: the power has become very beautiful.

It is impossible not to feel the sensation. Hurricane Performante Spyder is a dazzling beauty combined with extreme performance. A car with a strong and firm character, designed to attract. With an ANIMA-driving mode selector that has been optimized to respond perfectly to the driver’s orders and the 640 HP V10 engine Hurricane Performante Spyder, the feeling that is experienced at the wheel will move from your head to your heart in a fraction of a secondLamborghini Huracán Perfomante Spyder 2018 Good Performance.


The design and aerodynamics developed with passion comes only from effort to achieve the highest performance and beauty, and achieves thanks to the use of Composites® slab, hybrid aluminum and carbon fiber chassis, and ALA Lamborghini technology (Lamborghini aerodynamic active) newly patented. The clean, clean and smooth lines make Hurricane Performante Spyder have no doubts.

All the luxury and elegance of Italy from Lamborghini can be found in this vehicle. The details are completed with care, dedication and precision. Hidden elegantly within each component of Hurricane Performant Spyder is the latest technology. Take, for example, the driving mode by the voters ANIMA (Adaptive Intelligence Management Network), which allows you to meet all the needs and allow driving these vehicles characters shines under any circumstances.

There are many aspects that make this vehicle the ultimate expression of the new concept of supercar. V10 engine more powerful, wide use of Forged Composites®, which makes it lighter, transmission LDF dual-clutch 7-speed and a new aerodynamic system ALA that controls the air and directs it to support it.

Lamborghini Huracán Perfomante Spyder 2018

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