Lancia 2000 Coupé 1971 by Pininfarina Design Interior Exterior Car

The Lancia Flavia was delivered by Professor Fessia in the late 1950s, and exhibited accessible to be obtained in 1961. At first available generally as a four portal bar, it incorporated a 1.5 L aluminum boxer engine. This model was soon joined by a two door roadster, created by Pininfarina on a shortened stage. Vignale built a two portal convertible, while Zagato arranged an irregular looking light weight two passage sport version. The diversion structure has twin carburetors for extra constrain (somewhat more than 100 hp/75 kW), however this interpretation of the engine was broadly difficult to keep all together.

Later headway of the engine consolidated an enhancement to 1.8 L, a mechanical implantation structure using the Kugelfischer system, and a five pace manual gearbox. Towards the end of the sixties, when Fiat took control of the association, the Vignale and Zagato interpretations were ceased, and the auto and bar frames got new bodywork. The engine extended to 2.0 L in point of confinement, available with carburetor or imbuement, and four or five speed gearbox. The 2.0 L models were simply made with upgraded Pininfarina Coupe and changed Lancia Sedan bodies.

The Flavia was rethought and re-named the Lancia 2000 in 1971 or 1972. The 2000 highlighted Girling plate brakes supplanting the Flavia 2000’s Dunlop), Stainless steel monitors and, for the fuel mixed models, Bosch D-jetronic Analog-electrovalve fuel implantation. These were attempted to 1973 or 1974 despite the way that sparkly new models stayed in stock until 1975. Also as with the Flavia 2000, the 2000 was simply made with Pininfarina Coupe and Lancia Sedan bodies

Produce and ride quality were brilliant, and the durability of these cars are amazing considering the decently unassuming execution particulars. The exacting outlining makes backing of these oldies clear, regardless of the way that it can be immoderate as a result of the absence of parts.

body type 2+2 seater fixed-head coupé
number of doors 2
designer Pininfarina
mm inches
wheelbase 2477 97.5
track/tread (front) 1330 52.4
track/tread (rear) 1290 50.8
length 4555 179.3
width 1605 63.2
height 1330 52.4
length:wheelbase ratio 1.84
kerb weight 1200 kg 2646 lb
fuel tank capacity 55 litres 12.1 UK Gal 14.5 US Gal
engine type naturally aspirated petrol
engine manufacturer Lancia
engine code 820.406
cylinders Flat 4
capacity 2 litre
1991 cc
(121.498 cu in)
bore × stroke 89 × 80 mm
3.5 × 3.15 in
bore/stroke ratio 1.11
overhead valve (OHV)
2 valves per cylinder
8 valves in total
maximum power output
125 PS (123 bhp) (92 kW)
at 5800 rpm
specific output
61.8 bhp/litre
1.01 bhp/cu in
maximum torque
172 Nm (127 ft·lb) (17.5 kgm)
at 3700 rpm
specific torque
86.39 Nm/litre
1.04 ft·lb/cu3
sump wet sumped
compression ratio 9.2:1
fuel system Bosch fuel injection
bmep (brake mean effective pressure) 1085.6 kPa (157.5 psi)
engine coolant Water
unitary capacity 497.75 cc
aspiration Normal
compressor N/A
intercooler None
catalytic converter N
maximum speed 190 km/h (118 mph)
power-to-weight ratio 103.92 PS/g
76.43 kW/g
102.5 bhp/ton
0.05 bhp/lb
weight-to-power ratio 13.08 kg/kW
21.85 lb/bhp
engine position front
engine layout longitudinal
drive wheels front wheel drive
torque split N/A
wheel size front 5J x 14
wheel size rear 5J x 14
tyres front 175 SR 14
tyres rear 175 SR 14
brakes f/r Di/Dr-S
gearbox 5 speed manual
top gear ratio 1
final drive ratio 3.55

Lancia 2000 Coupé 1971 by Pininfarina Design Interior Exterior Car

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