Lancia Appia 2ª Serie 1956 Design Interior Exterior Car

Lancia Appia 2ª Serie 1956 Design Interior Exterior Car – In April 1955 designer Antonio Fessia joined Lancia as specialized executive, and began off altering the Appia’s shortcomings. Jano left not long after, when Lancia pulled back from Formula 1. The subsequent second arrangement Appia, presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1956, had an all the more capable motor, a modernized body and better inside room. The C10 and C10S sort codes were kept. The back part of the body had been overhauled to amplify the boot, and the wheelbase was extended by 3 cm (1.2 in) to give better back seat settlement; this brought about a 14.5 cm (5.7 in) development long.

From the front the second arrangement could be perceived from its rectangular rather than round turn signal lights and the steel guards with over-riders. The fuel filler top was moved outside, under a locking fold on the right hand side back wing. Fessia’s progressions to the motor included bringing down the pressure proportion, updating the barrel head joining hemispherical burning loads and another game plan of the valves, new cylinders, another carburettor and diverse camshaft profiles. Output expanded to 43 PS, and top velocity to 120 km/h (75 mph) In the lodge a front seat occurred of the two single ones, the binnacle held two round instruments, and guiding haggle went from ivory to dark.

In spite of beforehand basic Quattroruote having pronounced the Appia “at long last refined and convincing”, deals did not take off yet. In May 1958 day by day creation still waited at 27 autos for every day, far shy of the 50 foreseen amid the auto’s development. In aggregate 22,425 second arrangement cantinas were made, just 3,180 of them C10 right hand drive autos.

Lancia Appia 2ª Serie 1956 Design Interior Exterior Car

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