Lancia Appia Coupé 1957 by Pininfarina Design Interior Exterior Car

Lancia Appia Coupé 1957 by Pininfarina Design Interior Exterior Car – The Appia was Lancia’s little auto for a long time, from 1953 through 1963. It supplanted the Ardea, which was the auto that spearheaded the 5-speed gearbox. In the same way as other Lancias, free coachbuilders ventured in and delivered some uncommon, restricted creation models. Pininfarina loaned their hand to this conservative vehicle and transformed it into a car, with a fairly striking roofline. Available to be purchased in South Africa, this Appia Coupe is an opportunity to possess a snazzy bit of Lancia history for a moderately little total.

The Appia introduced the game arranged outline, which initially showed up in the mid 1920s on the Lancia Lambda, and its line-up appeared, extending from steady to just shocking, in 1952. Ostensibly the most emotional Appia variation, the Pinin Farina-composed car, touched base in 1957, and it had the hopes to run with Lancia’s gutsy little V-4 motor and willing suspension. Its most unmistakable element was its rooftop, which was swathed in a differentiating shade and was made all the all the more dashing by the way its B-column dove forcefully down into the body simply toward the back the front entryways.

The Appia Coupé was shown up in the Italian film Il Vigile (The Policeman), and it rapidly turned into an attractive frill amongst Europe’s most design adroit in the late ’50s and mid ’60s. In the wake of viewing the lovely Sylva Koscina drive an Appia on the silver screen, the rich little Lancia was bound for fame. Koscina was ever the socialite, and she decidedly exemplified the Appia Coupé’s picture.

53 bhp, 1,089 cc OHV V-4 motor, four-speed synchronized manual transmission, autonomous front suspension, and front circle and back drum brakes. Wheelbase: 2,510 mm

Pininfarina constructed a 2+2 roadster variant somewhere around 1957 and 1963. Pininfarina’s first proposition, from the 1956 Turin Motor Show, was a somewhat massive 4-seater car in light of a 812.00 skeleton and reminiscent of the Lancia Florida model, which Lancia’s administration did not discover satisfactory. Therefore Pininfarina set off to take a shot at a second model, a 2+2 on one of the five all the more capable 812.01 frame, appeared with Lancia’s gift at the March 1957 Geneva Motor Show. Shortly after the Motor Show the auto went into little arrangement creation, initiated Appia Coupé. The Coupé was described by a wide grille which reviewed Pininfarina’s own particular Lancia Flaminia and additionally the third arrangement Appia berlina, by a V-molded C-column separating the side window from the wrap-around back window, and by a two-tone paint plan. The tail lights were trapezoidal component inset in the back balances. Bodies were steel, with a fiberglass lid.

Lancia Appia Coupé 1957 by Pininfarina Design Interior Exterior Car

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