Lancia Astura Double Phaeton 1933 Design Interior Exterior Car

This is the Lancia Astura Double Phaeton ‘Castagna “in 1933, a remarkable car from every point of view, twice winner of the prestigious beauty contest” Coppa d’Oro di Villa d’Este “in Italy. The second honorable way, in 2004, during the 75th edition of the event. The splendid car, born from the Astura model, which takes its name from a castle near Nettuno. Was short-lived, from 1931 to 1939, there were just four series, a total of 2911 copies. This superb machine was equipped Lancia, initially with a V8 engine narrow V and 2.60 liters of displacement. This power plant was capable of delivering 73 horsepower at about 4,000 rpm, thanks to which the Astura Double Phaeton reached 125 km / h speed limit.

This architecture is maintained in the first two series, and since 1934, with the release of the third generation, is increased to 2972 ​​liters and 82 hp. At this time there were two versions offered: the 233L, long wheelbase of 3332 mm, and 233 C with short wheelbase of 3100 mm. The good qualities of the model are tested by participating in various competitions, which stands out for its “grip” on the road and maneuverability, gaining in the automotive Giro d’Italia 1934 the top two places in the overall classification.

This strong performance was due largely to the excellent criteria used by Lancia in its cradle “cross” of iron in hand, to which the motor is elastically fixed by two springs short crossbow. It was a Lancia patent which eliminated almost entirely due to engine vibration. With creations like this brand conspicuous by its outstanding style, character and innovation in mechanical and competitive results, all of which puts Lancia among the essential players in the history of the automobile.

Lancia Astura Double Phaeton 1933 Design Interior Exterior Car

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