Lancia Dedra 1994 Design Interior Exterior Car

The Lancia Dedra (Type 835) is a minimized authority auto conveyed by the Italian automaker Lancia from 1989 to 2000. It was at initially planned to reinforce, and later to supplant, the Prisma that, six years after its dispatch, was encountering issues to keep in pace with its latest enemies. It can be considered as the bar variation of the second time Delta, that was dispatched four years afterward, in 1993.

The task of the Dedra was asking for: it must collect the legacy of Prisma, which relaunched the Lancia brand in the field of minimized authority automobiles, and develop its bit of the pie if possible. Greater than its predecessor, the Dedra was displayed as the second lead auto of Lancia, as an auto that could satisfy those looking for a dazzling medium-sized auto however would not have jumped at the chance to buy an official auto, as the Thema.

The arrangement, by Ercole Spada of the I.DE.A Institute, made a wonderful drag coefficient of only 0.29. The focal point of the thing was reputation, limitation, character and comfort, finished through an irregular condition of apparatus and usage of materials (e.g. Alcantara) furthermore purposes of enthusiasm, for instance, special paints, blend wrangles respect for soundproofing, ventilation and diverse issues. Inside the ability to get the perfect driving position was helped by the adjustable seats, coordinating deal adaptable mirrors. Security, both confined with a structure proposed to minimize harm in an accident, and element, for instance, ABS and airbag, was furthermore near the most noteworthy purpose of the Dedra’s inspiration.

In 1991 was dispatched the Dedra Integrale. It used the same engine and transmission that the Delta Integrale 8v. The Delta Integrale 8v engine is one of the world’s most competition showed power units, a 2-liter 4-chamber fuel imbued twin cam engine, fitted with contra-rotating modifying shafts, and a Garrett T3 turbocharger and related between cooler to offer volumetric efficiency that backing some assistance with powering respect 171 PS (127 kW) in catalyzed variation. The Dedra Integrale furthermore uses the same constant 4-wheel drive of the Delta Integrale, and consolidates the new Visco Drive 2000 balance control structure. Moreover fuses the electronically controlled suspension open as option in the 2.0 and upper variations.

Lancia Dedra 1994 Design Interior Exterior Car

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