Lexus RX 450hL 2019 Design Slim & Aggressive

Lexus RX 450hL 2019 Design Slim & Aggressive – Lexus RX is a mid-class luxury crossover design with a gentle ride and a design that is quite practical. Lexus RX is practically identical to the crossover in a more fashionable form today. For the Lexus Lexus RX 450hL 2019 offers more choices than ever before. The Lexus RX 450hL 2019 combines a low-power V6 gas engine with a battery and an electric motor that supports rear wheels, producing an all-wheel-drive powertrain. The combined output is 308 horsepower, sent to a continuous variable transmission or the so-called CVT.

Lexus RX 450hL 2019 Design Slim & Aggressive

Lexus RX when the top line is the Lexus RX 450hL 2019 is a condition with the latest equipment. Many changes in detail with the roofline like a jet plane, has a stronger personality and a slender adventurer character. The Lexus RX 450hL 2019 is dominated by an hourglass shaped spindle grille. Extraordinary high grille makes this Lexus RX look more aggressive. It has a floating canopy roof that gives the Lexus RX 450hL 2019 a more prominent appearance and Lexus has given the surface of the bodysides sculpted and lit.

The interior of the Lexus RX 450hL 2019 with its cabin maintains a calm and orderly aura. Five adults can come inside. The front seats are very comfortable, with lots of space around them. Soft pads feel good even after a long trip, and the driving position is very good. Entering and exiting is easier, because the chair is at the optimal height for step-in access. Quality leather together with wood trim adds comfort to the passengers. Split-folding rear seats offer good support. The seat on the RX 450h is one inch higher, because of the location of the hybrid battery. The cargo space with a storage volume of 18.4 cubic feet behind the rear seats, widened to 56.3 cubic feet when the back of the seat folded.

On the dashboard the Lexus RX 450hL 2019 has a horizontal theme, visible, with controls divided into upper and lower zones. Infotainment settings use a mouse style interface and touchpad, which can respond to swipe or zoom gestures.

The Lexus RX 450hL 2019 with a gasoline engine drives the front wheels, while electric power drives the rear wheels. In addition to making a hybrid all-wheel drive, this arrangement allows the RX 450h to start using battery power alone. Fuel savings are on average. With a front drive, the RX 450h Hybrid has been rated EPA at 31/28 mpg City / Highway, or 30 mpg Combined.

Lexus RX 450hL 2019 Design Slim & Aggressive

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