Liebherr MK 88 Plus 2013 Compact Crane Design

Liebherr MK 88 Plus 2013 Compact Crane Design – Liebherr MK 88 Plus 2013 has a compact design, can be moved freely, it is suitable for construction work in crowded urban areas. Mobile construction cranes are often used as cabin cranes and are highly adaptable and are really made for short-term lifting work.

Liebherr MK 88 Plus is a mobile construction crane with a payload capacity of 8 tons and a range of up to 45 meters. Active rear axle steering allows the 2013 Liebherr MK 88 Plus 2013 mobile construction crane to enter narrow areas. The incorporation of this machine made the Liebherr MK 88 Plus 2013 a compact crane design.

Liebherr MK 88 Plus in a very limited space, crane requirements have been changed at the site with short notice. The Liebherr MK 88 Plus is an ideal mobile construction crane that is adequate for normal building heights in a crowded and narrow city center. With the crane has a very compact design in maneuvering. With more varied support and other improvements, this modern cellular construction crane, named Liebherr MK 88 Plus, will offer comfort and safer handling.

Lifting capacity at max. radius 2,200 kg
Max. radius 45.00 m
Max. lifting capacity 8,000 kg
Lines 2
Standard EN 14439
Max. hook height 30.20 m
Luffed jib position 15 / 30 / 45 °
Slewing radius 3.55 m
Hoist gear 24 kW FU
Slewing gear 5,0 kW FU
Trolley travel gear 4,0 kW FU / 5,5 kW FU
Max. hook height at luffed position 59.10 m
Travel motor 6-Zylinder-Diesel
Travel motor/Make Liebherr
Travel motor power capacity 330 kW
Number of axles 4
Drive unit/Steering 8x6x8
Travel speed 80 km/h
Operating weight 48 t
Additional ballast 2t

MK 88-4.1 data sheet

MK 88-4.1 mobile construction crane. Great things come in small packages

Liebherr MK 88 Plus 2013

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