Lincoln Capri Special Custom Hardtop Coupe (60A) 1954 Design Car Exterior Interior

Contending with the Cadillac Series 62, Chrysler New Yorker, and Packard 200, 14,342 Capris were sold in its introduction year, and about twofold that, 26,640, in 1953. It promptly beat its stablemate, the Cosmopolitan, every year until the Cosmopolitan’s end. The Carpi had a the new Lincoln 90 degree V8 motor.

In the October, 1952 issue of Popular Mechanics, a Lincoln Capri was tried. 0-60 mph time was 14.8 seconds, while the quarter-mile was 21.3 seconds. At 40 mph, mileage was recorded at 21mpg.

In 1955, the Capri included another 225 hp (168 kW) 341 cu in (5.6 L) Lincoln Y-Block V8 (with more noteworthy dislodging and, at 8.5:1, higher pressure than before), highlighting a four-barrel carburetor, mated to a standard (Ford-manufactured) 3-speed Turbo-Drive programmed transmission. Aerating and cooling turned into a possibility surprisingly.

Riding on a 123.0 in (3,120 mm) wheelbase and measuring 215.6 in (5,480 mm) by and large, the 1955 Capri was offered as a two-entryway hardtop car (4,305 lb (1,953 kg) shipping weight), two-entryway convertible (4,415 lb (2,003 kg) shipping weight), or a four-entryway car (4,275 lb (1,939 kg) shipping weight).

The Capri was additionally one of the principal vehicles to offer a programmed front lamp dimmer as discretionary hardware. It sold 23,673 duplicates, adding up to 87% of Lincoln’s aggregate yield that year, really down from 29,552 in 1954.

Fueled by the 317 cu in (5.2 L) Lincoln Y-square V8, Lincolns won the main four spots in the Stock Car class of the Pan American Road Race in both 1952 and 1953. In 1954 (its last year) Lincolns took first and second place.

Lincoln Capri Special Custom Hardtop Coupe (60A) 1954 Design Car Exterior Interior

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