Lincoln LS 2002 Presents Luxury Classy Sedan Design

Lincoln LS 2002 Presents Luxury Classy Sedan Design – Lincoln LS 2002 has a modern style and fresh street manners. This is the most European temperament of the Lincolns family. Like luxury sedans from Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar, Lincoln LS uses rear-wheel drive. Gives the impression of classic driving smoothly, but feels connected to the road.

The Lincoln LS 2002 features a classy profile, in addition to its long wheelbase and chunky rear end. A corner line shows a cross between the Mitsubishi Diamante and BMW. The Lincoln LS 2002 has a little appearance with the rest of the Lincoln family. In addition, Lincoln badges and trademark-style waterfall grille. Lincoln LS 2002 shares some of its chassis architecture with the more expensive Jaguar S-Type.

Lincoln LS 2002 Presents Luxury Classy Sedan Design

The interior of Lincoln LS 2002 with reduced space, with a more European style. The chair feels comfortable in the Lincoln tradition. They are comfortable, there are no striking trim pieces. Apart from that instead of a comfortable and cockpit-inspired interior. The 2002 Lincoln LS features advanced technology, sound systems and climate control located in a large center. Besides being easily accessible by drivers or passengers, most controls work well.

All seats use leather which is the main thing in the interior of the 2002 Lincoln LS. The driver’s seat and front passenger seat offer power adjustments, by choosing a trim level with a memory seat. The back seat is well maintained. The rear seat is slightly raised for a better front view. In addition, the rear headroom is as good as a car in this class. The leg room makes sense as long as the front seat is not pushed too far back. In addition the rear seats can be folded 60/40 for access to luggage. Because Lincoln LS 2002 offers luggage with reasonable space.

Lincoln LS 2002 Presents Luxury Classy Sedan Design

The Lincoln LS V8 engine produces strong acceleration. Revisions to the standard V6 engine provided more power for 2002. It communicates with transmission for smooth shifts. Encouragement that provides strong acceleration. Besides that the V8 produces power at 252 horsepower and 261 pound-feet of torque. Throttle is sensitive to tip-in, making it easy to move from the line when taking off at the intersection. The V6 now develops 220 horsepower and 215 pound-foot torque, up 10 horsepower and 10 pounds of foot from last year.

Rear wheel drive contributes to handling the Lincoln LS 2002. In addition the Lincoln LS 2002 offers a nearly perfect 50/50 weight distribution. Most cars have a heavy bias on the front. To help achieve this balancing act, Lincoln moved the battery to the trunk and used lightweight aluminum for the hood and front fender.

Lincoln LS 2002 has a Getrag 5-speed manual gearbox. It’s smooth and precise because it feels this shift is satisfying. In addition, the V6 provides straight-line acceleration that is almost as fast as that of the V8 automatically. This makes LS V6 fun to drive on windy mountain roads. Brakes are very good, easily modulated for light or heavy braking.

Lincoln LS 2002 Presents Luxury Classy Sedan Design
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