Lotus 2-Eleven 2007 Great Design Racing Performance

Lotus 2-Eleven 2007 Great Design Racing Performance – The 2007 Lotus 2-Eleven was launched at the 77th annual Geneva International Motor Show, the Lotus 2-Eleven is aimed at true racers who give Colin Chapman’s philosophy of ‘Performance Through Lightweight’ to the most extreme level.

This Lotus 2-Eleven 2007 weighs only 670 kg (1,477 lbs) with 255 PS (252 bhp / 188 kw) based on the 1,796 cc engine supercharged and intercooled. Lotus 2-Eleven 2007 offers a strength to weight ratio similar to Formula 1960’s. This cool Lotus 2-Eleven 2007 was designed with the most serious track enthusiasts, the Lotus 2-Eleven offers a racing level of performance combined with the legendary Lotus Ride and Handling to deliver truly extraordinary track cars.

Lotus 2-Eleven 2007 was originally only available in the Launch Edition specification, which offers a dynamic and unique three-way color scheme, complete with a decal package. And the launch edition is available in two versions – Road Going Version equipped with front and rear lights, exhaust catalysts, rear wing of a single aircraft and other items to achieve compliance with legal requirements and Track Only Version with packages Enhanced aerodynamics include a single high downforce single rear rear aircraft, high downforce front splitter, rear brake lights and driver’s seat and FIA approved racing.

The 1,796 cc supercharged and intercooled engine in Lotus 2-Eleven 2007 has a maximum power output of 255 PS (252 bhp / 188 kw) at 8000 rpm and torque of around 242 Nm (179 lb / ft) at 7000 rpm. This significant amount of extra power and torque is now available along with the VVTL-i variable cam system ensuring that there is a smooth and linear power surge from the engine speed to a maximum of 8000 rpm.

Lotus 2-Eleven 2007 uses a unique side variant of the lightweight Lotus Elise chassis structure featuring extrusion of epoxy aluminum alloy with running teeth based on this modified Exige S. This robust and rigid package has a comprehensive security system with glass fiber reinforced composites. structure that is associated with a high threshold for side effects. Additional chassis safety features include a 6-point rollover structure that complies with the FIA ​​with an integral harness mount and a lightweight galvanized steel sub-frame that combines structures that can be further destroyed.

The Lotus 2-Eleven Bodywork 2007 with the new ultra-light (40 kg / 88 lbs) composite featuring core-core technology. All external panels are easily removed, maintained and repaired. Black 5-spoke lightweight forged wheels for the 7Jx16 front, 8J x 17 rear. Unite with Yokohama A048 R LTS specific Lotus Sport tires (front 195/50 R16, rear 225/45 R17), designed to maximize grip and achieve accurate riding and handle targets set by Lotus.

The brake system includes drilled and ventilated 288 mm cast iron discs, upgraded RS14 Pagid sports brake pads set into brake calipers (AP aluminum alloy 2-piston racing in front and Brembo single sliding piston at rear), silicone brakes high-grade braided fluid hose and stainless steel.

Lotus 2-Eleven 2007

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