Mack Super Liner Truck Design Has Strong Power

Mack Super Liner Truck Design Has Strong PowerMack Super Liner is one of the heaviest heavy-duty trucks with huge horsepower and torque, it is the truck of choice for people in heavy haul and demands a great distance. If you have to manage a premium line-haul, AB triple road trains, low-loader heavy-haulage or whatever in between, means wanting a Mack Super Liner Truck.

Mack Super Liner Truck Design Has Strong Power

Mack Super Liner With 685 horsepower under the hood, translated to the road by an MDRIVE automatic manual transmission, the Super-Liner is pretty simple that everyone wants. Now available with Bendix® Wingman® Fusion ™ security system that integrates cameras, radar and brakes into one of the most comprehensive and powerful driver assistance systems in the since 2007 Australian and New Zealand Conventional truck market.

Offering great horsepower and torque, Mack Super Liner is the preferred truck in B-double and B-triple applications demanding line-haul. Designed specifically for, B-double, interstate queue, three-way train, loader low loader and whatever, Mack Super Liner will complete the work. Equipped with Mack MP10 engine is the most advanced machine offered by Mack to date, coupled with mDRIVE is an automatic manual transmission, which will surely Mack Super-Liner has all the power and comfort you need.

Features owned by Mack Super Liner, Perfect for heavy-haul, road train, and other heavy-duty applications. The Mack MP10 engine delivers up to 685Hp and 2,300 lb-ft torque, mDRIVE automated manual transmission takes all the effort our gear changes. Mack PowerLeash offers ultimate braking control under demanding conditions. Mack Grade Gripper – hill start assist, Optional “Road Stability Advantage” rollover prevention. Quiet and comfortable cab and great fuel economy and low emissions.

Mack Super Liner Truck Design Has Strong Power

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