MAN CitE 2018 Electric Truck Ergonomic Design

MAN CitE 2018 Electric Truck Ergonomic Design – MAN Truck & Bus at IAA 2018 releases MAN CitE as an electric concept truck. MAN CitE 2018 is designed for long-distance delivery tasks in the city center. MAN CitE 2018 truck that has been specifically designed for city cargo traffic. The 15-ton vehicle is characterized by an ergonomic design with very low access, continuous driver level, and easy accessibility.

The interior design of the MAN CitE 2018 with low seats, wide glass surface and companion cameras also provides a safe view of the surrounding traffic situation for drivers and passengers. The MAN CitE 2018 Electric Truck sets the benchmarks for ergonomics in the workplace, safety and sustainability in the distribution of urban transportation. MAN CitE 2018 has a large revolving sliding door that is opened electrically, CitE provides especially when parking in the second row for the best working conditions.

All displays around the driver are in the field of direct vision. The screen has been fully digital designed for optimal visualization of all information for the driver. The instrument is logically arranged according to how often it is used within easy reach of the normal sitting position, as well as the holder and storage container. MAN CitE 2018 features a more attractive rearview mirror that is using a camera that can monitor the back of the truck. Overall the design of the MAN CitE 2018 Electric Truck is very interesting aside from being ergonomic.

Another interior design is the MAN CitE 2018 which is full of features like other large shelves on the dashboard extending to the passenger side. At the bottom of the door panel is a large integrated bowl, which can also hold 2 bottles. Above the door handle there is an additional small open shelf. There is a universal tablet / smartphone on the dashboard available in direct visibility and driver range. This makes it possible to integrate a customized tablet or smartphone into the driver’s workstation. A USB charging socket is provided immediately next to the holder.

MAN CitE 2018 Electric Truck Ergonomic Design

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