MAN HX81 Designed Tough Military Truck

MAN HX81 Designed Tough Military Truck – HX81 truck were developed by MAN and Rheinmetall as heavy mobility trucks. The truck is specially designed as a military vehicle for heavy duty and toughest environmental conditions. MAN HX81 is used by the German Army.

The use of this MAN HX81 truck is to tow semi-trailers with main battle tanks, weapon systems, construction materials and other heavy military cargo with long distances. The road is not only a paved road, but even on rough terrain.

MAN HX81 heavy truck equipped with an armored cabin, this heavy equipment carries a weight of 27 ton. Ready to tow a trailer with a useful load of 73 ton, so as a whole reaches a weight of 130 ton.

The interior of the MAN HX81 with a capacity of four people where the driver and three passengers. MAN HX81 is equipped with an integrated armored cabin that offers a high level of protection. Weighing around 4.5 ton.

The MAN HX81 engine is powered by a MAN D2868 turbocharged diesel engine, which was developed at 680 hp. Meet EURO 5 emission requirements. Engines located behind and under cab with cooling system behind cab. This feature makes it possible to reduce vehicle height. Such a design also protects radiator damage or mud clogging. The engine combines with ZF 12-speed automatic transmission. The vehicle is equipped with a central tire inflation system.

MAN HX81 Designed Tough Military Truck

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