MAN Lion’s City 2014 Design Interior Exterior Bus

MAN Lion’s City 2014 Design Interior Exterior Bus – The low floor city transport arrangement MAN Lion’s City meets the requesting prerequisites of urban traveler transport with style. Noteworthy evidence of this is given not minimum by the way that it was named “Transport of the Year 2015”. Its particular idea permits MAN to offer diverse transport models to cover each need in broad daylight transport. This permits transport limit, vehicle length and vehicle idea (number of entryways, inner outline, low floor, low-section) and in addition diverse drive sorts to be joined to meet the client’s details. Each model awes through its awesome solace, wellbeing and through its supportable economy.

All models in the low floor transport arrangement awe through their inside idea with an enticing air and high solace: ergonomic seats guarantee adequate legroom, the new glass bay windows enjoyably light up the inside; in the enunciated transport models, a translucent gaiter enhances the shine. During the evening, the LED lighting gives a wonderful feel.

The MAN Lion’s City transports additionally set new benchmarks with regards to proficiency and economy. On account of the expanded traveler limit and the fundamentally diminished fuel utilization, the city transport is significantly more practical. Far reaching enhancement of the simplicity of adjusting and upkeep lessen the life-cycle costs (LCC) impressively. For example, it was conceivable to decrease MAN Lion’s City sit still circumstances essentially, cut repair costs and develop the upkeep interims.

The MAN Lion’s City transport arrangement is a prime case for practical booked transport administrations. The transports effortlessly fulfill the Euro 6 fumes gas standard and in Germany additionally bear the “Blue Angel” eco name with the expression “ensures the ENVIRONMENT and HEALTH”. All transports in the MAN Lion’s City show go reliably conform to as far as possible indicated for the reasonable commotion level and furthermore fulfill the stringent fumes gas and fine particulate qualities for populated territories paying little heed to whether the transport has a diesel motor, CNG drive or is fueled by crossover drive innovation. MAN along these lines covers the full range of develop, supportable and proficient low CO2 outflow advances – for more prominent eco-agreeableness and greatest cost-adequacy in day by day booked administration.

MAN Lion’s City 2014 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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