MAN Lion’s City G 2015 Design Interior Exterior Bus

MAN Lion’s City G 2015 Design Interior Exterior Bus – The low floor city transport arrangement MAN Lion’s City meets the requesting necessities of urban traveler transport with style. Noteworthy evidence of this is given not slightest by the way that it was named “Transport of the Year 2015”. Its particular idea permits MAN to offer distinctive transport models to cover each need out in the open transport. This permits transport limit, vehicle length and vehicle idea (number of entryways, inside plan, low floor, low-passage) and distinctive drive sorts to be consolidated to meet the client’s determinations. Each model awes through its extraordinary solace, wellbeing and through its economical economy.

The MAN Lion’s City transport arrangement is a prime case for economical planned transport administrations. The transports effectively fulfill the Euro 6 fumes gas standard and in Germany additionally bear the “Blue Angel” eco name with the expression “secures the ENVIRONMENT and HEALTH”. All transports in the MAN Lion’s City show extend reliably conform to as far as possible indicated for the admissible clamor level furthermore fulfill the stringent fumes gas and fine particulate qualities for populated zones, paying little mind to whether the transport has a diesel motor, CNG drive or is fueled by cross breed drive innovation. MAN along these lines covers the full range of develop, practical and proficient low CO2 emanation innovations for more noteworthy eco-neighborliness and most extreme cost-adequacy in day by day booked administration.

The MAN Lion’s City transports likewise set new benchmarks with regards to productivity and economy. On account of the expanded traveler limit and the altogether decreased fuel utilization, the city transport is significantly more practical. Far reaching advancement of the simplicity of adjusting and upkeep lessen the life-cycle costs (LCC) impressively. For example, it was conceivable to diminish MAN Lion’s City sit still circumstances essentially, cut repair costs and augment the support interims.

With the wide item go in its Lion’s city transport low-floor transport program, MAN gives the ideal model to each utilization: The Lion’s City M 10.50 m short solo transport model is the perfect answer for amazingly contract inward city streets with its turning circle of only 18 m. In our great transport, the MAN Lion’s City low floor solo transport, an evenly introduced MAN D20 normal rail motor is utilized. Also, MAN offers the Lion’s City G and Lion’s City GL standard explained transports. With its noteworthy length of 18.75 m, the Lion’s City GL can without much of a stretch transport more than 160 individuals.

MAN Lion's City G 2015 Design Interior Exterior Bus

Much more space for travelers and better mobility in connection to the vehicle length are offered by the two three-hub city transports in the range: the MAN Lion’s City L at a length of 14.70 m and the MAN Lion’s City C, which is one meter shorter. Both of these transports have a dynamic guided third hub.

In the traveler compartment of the MAN Lion’s City transport arrangement, travelers are ideally protected from urban activity commotion. Travelers feel fine in the brilliant inside with its concordant hues. Glass bay windows can be introduced as a choice, to expand the splendor in the inside much further. On the explained transport models, a translucent gaiter can be requested for the traveler compartment. Ergonomic and agreeable seats are without underseat props along these lines giving significant legroom between the columns. Passageways and exits and in addition the middle walkway are low to simplicity boarding and landing. To help the elderly and those with versatility hindrances, the correct side of the vehicle can be brought by up down to 80 mm.

The translucent gaiter was composed as an adaptable move framework for the enunciated transports in the MAN Lion’s City arrangement. Its rough material separates the sunshine exceptionally so that the lighting conditions in dull regions are altogether made strides. In conjunction with the sky facing windows, a brilliant air is therefore made that expands travel comfort, while travelers can get to their seats and to the leave all the more securely.

All models in the low floor transport arrangement awe through their inside idea with an enticing environment and high solace, ergonomic seats guarantee adequate legroom, the new glass sky facing windows agreeably enlighten the inside; in the enunciated transport models, a translucent gaiter enhances the brilliance. During the evening, the LED lighting gives a wonderful mood.

MAN Lion’s City G 2015 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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