MAN Lion’s City LE 2015 Design Interior Exterior Bus

The MAN Lion’s City LE (Low Entry) speaks to a completely created idea for urban movement. The 12-meter transport sets new solace norms with its low passage at entryways 1 and 2. In the meantime, it likewise meets client demands for a more prominent number of seats toward travel and a lovely, raised seat position. The alluring cost-adequacy of the Lion’s City LE is guaranteed through the establishment of various demonstrated parts from the MAN Lion’s City family. Moreover, the transport exceeds expectations through its low life cycle costs: Depending on the model, more space in the motor compartment is accessible to the effortlessly open drive unit in the back. This makes the MAN Lion’s City LE to a great degree support and repair benevolent.

Boarding and landing the Lion’s City LE city transport is extraordinarily helpful with a passageway stature of 320 mm. The stooping capacity highlighted as standard permits the side of the transport to be brought down by a further 80 mm. People with confined versatility and guardians with prams can board the transport issue free by utilizing the collapsing slope coordinated at the second entryway as standard.

The climate in the inside of the Lion’s City LE city transport is uncluttered, cordial and simple care. The seat pads are secured with woolen extravagant material upholstery and the seat backs are made of simple to-clean plastic. Furthermore, every seat has a coordinated hand grasp and can be provided on demand with a side armrest.

MAN Lion’s City LE 2015 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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