MAN Lion’s Coach 2018 Reliable In All Challenges

MAN Lion’s Coach 2018 Reliable In All Challenges – MAN Lion’s Coach 2018 features new designs inside and out, the new Lion’s Coach adds a stylish and dynamic look, while still being an incorrect MAN coach. MAN Lion’s Coach 2018 ensures high availability and utilization of vehicles. MAN Lion’s Coach 2018 becomes efficient and powerful, high-performance and cost-effective coach. MAN Lion’s Coach will surely impress any trip with its innovative technical features to standard comfort options. Even before the move, MAN Lion’s Coach was impressed with its confident appearance, which exuded enormous power and security.

Its timeless lines and style and balanced proportions see MAN Lion’s Coach 2018 bringing a touch of confidence and presence to the road. In this case, the coach is completely in his namesake sign, with a lion face identified on the front of the coach. Exterior innovations, such as a full LED lamp or a redesigned flap, are not only visually imposing but also functional. The MAN Lion coach is the perfect combination of a proven and modern vehicle concept that meets the needs of both customers and passengers.

MAN Lion's Coach 2018 Reliable In All Challenges

MAN Lion’s Coach 2018 interior on attractive passenger areas reveals that a stress-free and comfortable ride is provided in this comfortable atmosphere. The new color, line and interior design scheme has one clear purpose, passengers and drivers feel like they are at home soon after they board the MAN Coach Lion. This feeling is accomplished by a friendly, high-quality interior with harmonious and timeless colors. Second, a warm white LED lighting strip runs all over to create indirect lighting throughout the ceiling area. This lighting provides an impressive atmosphere in it. An additional light stream through a large glass skylight into the passenger area, which means the holiday begins as soon as the traveler steps.

A successful and consistent blend of comfortable atmosphere and passenger comfort is evident in the interior. MAN Lion’s Coach 2018 has large, new skylight glasses flooding the interior with extra light, adding an extra brightness dimension. At the same time, high UV filters provide protection against too much sun. The seats are equipped with everything a modern passenger needs. Inviting features, such as Multimedia MAN Trainer infotainment systems, tablet holders, USB ports and customizable headboards, provide a comfortable and personalized travel experience for passengers. MAN Lion coach is just a way to travel.

MAN Lion's Coach 2018 Reliable In All Challenges

Driving MAN Lion’s Coach 2018 is a relaxed affair thanks to its pioneering cockpit, ergonomic, and easy to use. The Lion’s Coach welcomes its driver with a workplace designed to be practical, ergonomic, and engaging. All key information can be viewed at a glance in the new instrument panel, and optimized switch layouts improve user ergonomics. The same can be said for the broad and practical storage concept, which offers ample space for essential goods. In addition, drivers can enjoy a relaxed work environment in terms of ergonomic chairs, adjustable adjustable multi-function steering wheels and individual climate controls for the driver’s area.

MAN Lion’s Coach 2018 with improved motor performance, lower consumption MAN uses a changeover to Euro 6c to introduce many innovations in the coach’s driveline that allows a perfect balance between efficiency and strength. For example, we use our high torque, common rail engine for extensive optimization process. Each machine has 20 HP more, so it’s optional with 420, 450 or 500 HP, and torque increases by 200 Nm to give Lion’s Coach’s powerful and efficient driving characteristics.

The optimized gearshift strategy also has a positive effect on fuel consumption. One spotlight is a GPS-supported MAN EfficientCruise® cruise control associated with MAN EfficientRoll®, which takes an active and predictive role in dental selection. It also allows scrolling functions, so additional fuel can be stored.

The longer new rear wheel ratio (i = 2.73) reduces engine speed by about 13 percent compared to the previous longest axis ratio (i = 3.15). This reduction not only has a positive effect on fuel consumption, but also lowers noise emission levels, thereby increasing the driving comfort.

MAN Lion’s Coach 2018 has several types that provide enough options as needed where there is MAN Lion’s Coach with 4×2 configuration with a maximum capacity of 53 passenger seats. MAN Lion’s Coach C there are two configuration options namely 4×2 with a maximum capacity of 59 passenger seats, and 6×2 which must have a maximum capacity of 57 passenger seats. For MAN Lion’s Coach L with 6×2 configuration has max max capacity. 61 passenger seats.

MAN Lion’s Coach 2018 specs

MAN Lion’s Coach 2018

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