MAN Lion’s Coach C 2009 Design Interior Exterior Bus

The MAN Lion’s Coach brings the greater part of its travelers securely, easily and beautifully into remote nations and far off urban areas. For go with aggregate opportunity, the mentor gives extreme solace, most extreme security and an excellent natural adjust.

Furthermore, its capable motors and element vehicle taking care of permit it to convey an extremely persuading execution. In any case, the MAN Lion’s Coach additionally offers the best prospects with regards to economy and plan, with no cost weight.

Unwavering quality has a totally new significance with the MAN Lion’s Coach. Since the capable basic rail motors and superbly tuned transmission work to a great degree constantly, whether over short courses, in the city or over longer excursions.

With its liberal space and ergonomic solace seats with sufficient legroom, the MAN Lion’s Coach makes travel agreeable on even long adventures. Extra solace is given by a kitchen and WC fitted in all models of the mentor arrangement made by MAN. To make each traveler feel all-round great, the independently movable administration sets empower ideal lighting and an impeccable inside atmosphere at each seat.

To guarantee the MAN Lion’s Coach truly gets into walk over each course, its effective and high-torque basic rail motors with 309 kW (420 HP), 338 kW (460 HP) and 368 kW (500 HP) give immaculate driving elements. In blend with the six-speed manual transmission with joystick control and the twelve-speed programmed transmission MAN TipMatic® with EasyStart, the motors work with to a great degree low utilization and naturally benevolent. Satisfaction of the Euro 6 fumes gas benchmarks is sans inconvenience.

The MAN Lion’s Coach displays a to a great degree agreeable and welcoming inside. The substantial glass sheets pass on not just a one of a kind environment, they additionally give a captivating feeling of space. The liberal space joined with the agreeable legroom subsequently guarantee immaculate voyaging delight from the earliest starting point straight up to the end. Benefit sets are fitted over the ergonomic solace seats. They permit each traveler to change their own particular ventilation and lighting. The ergonomic and very useful cockpit on the MAN Lion’s Coach gives the driver a lovely work environment.

Accentuation is given to comfort in the MAN Lion’s Coach, with regards to space and in addition the seats. This is the reason the ergonomic mentor seats produced using brilliant materials have been uncommonly intended for long trips furthermore to address traveler issues. They additionally give ample legroom, and are fitted with coordinated collapsing tables with a glass holder on the back of the seat in front. Travelers can without much of a stretch alter the vertical seat position to the back at whatever point they wish to encounter considerably more unwinding. What’s more, to round off the solace, over every seat is an administration set containing a lamp, customizable air vents, speakers and administration catches.

All models in the MAN Lion’s Coach arrangement have an ergonomic and easy to understand cockpit ensured to make any driver feel at home, with top notch materials and appealing beautifying components giving an excellent class working climate.

The cockpit working accommodation is likewise spearheading: the presentations on the instrument board, the MAN Multimedia Coach with route work and the focal locally available PC are unmistakably organized. The greater part of the controls are coherently orchestrated and inside simple reach, permitting drivers to see immeasurably critical vehicle data initially. Utilizing the catches coordinated on the multifunction directing wheel, they can recover all data and control a lot of different capacities, without grasping their hands from the wheel.

 Lion’s Coach C
Euro 6 engine D 2676 LOH
Output 460 HP, 500 HP
Displacement 12,419 cm³
Max. torque 2 300 Nm, 2 500 Nm
Type and configuration 6-cylinder in-line diesel engine common rail
Transmission 6-speed manual transmission (only for 460 HP), MAN TipMatic® automated 12-speed manual transmission with EasyStart

MAN Lion’s Coach C 2009 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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