MAN Lion’s Coach Supreme 2012 Design Interior Exterior Bus

MAN Lion’s Coach Supreme 2012 Design Interior Exterior Bus – Some of Lion’s Coach, we attempted the briefest form of the twelve-standing wheelbase 6060 mm. Two-hub mentor has yet albeit three-pivot kin Lion’s Coach C with a length of 13.26 meters and the longest form of L (13.8 m), however we were intrigued above-hub show. He can move 10,5litrový D 2066 six chamber with a yield of 294 kW or bigger 12,4litrový D unit in 2676 with a yield of 324 kW. In the test configuration work connected with more grounded unit robotized gadget Tipmatic. As far as powertrain test form got the most extreme conceivable, in light of the fact that the menu is still gearboxes are six-speed Powershift gearbox specifically.

On the transport we pulled in some irregular components. All as per the early introduction plan to diminish fuel utilization and working expenses. EfficientLine bundle called incorporate the as of now specified capable motor, raise wheel fairings, edges made of light aluminum amalgam, hypoid raise pivot, long hub drive proportion of 3.08 and a tire weight observing. Parcel segment additionally shapes a voucher for a preparation ride Profi monetary drive. The transporter EfficientLine bundle likewise gets a service contract on the drive chain length of 400,000 kilometers voyaged restricted four-year operation. Since there is no issue mentors voyaged one hundred thousand kilometers for each year, limitations are maintenance agreements accurately arranged.

MAN Lion's Coach Supreme 2012 Design Interior Exterior Bus

When we reviewed the transport before driving in detail, we discovered him on top tires with low moving resistance Continental HSL 2 ECO-PLUS. Welded steel outline made of stainless steel with ring outlines, self-supporting, rollbar front and back; (ECE R66), raise fortification for back ski, raise, bow, upkeep and cooling airbrakes and additionally front guard made of glass fiber strengthened plastic, fire assurance plates between traveler compartment and drive unit, fire identifier (warm) in motor compartment/extra warming (arrangement), smoke locators on the can, in the storage compartment and in the zone of principle switchboard and drivers Liege (arrangement just can/trunk)

MAN Lion’s Coach Supreme 2012 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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