MAN Lion’s Regio L 2007 Design Interior Exterior Bus

MAN Lion’s Regio L 2007 Design Interior Exterior Bus – The MAN all-rounder is reasonable for the city, wide open and long separations. The current model range sets new guidelines. It consolidates a hitting plan with countless developments. The Lion’s Regio experts a wide assortment of employments. Continuously prepared to drive, it additionally takes care of levels of popularity as to solace and gainfulness.

Lion’s Regio L – long body, 13.9 m and 3 axles The controlling breadth is 21 to 23 m contingent upon the picked body, the GVW somewhere around 18 and 25 t. Limit from 53 to 61 situated travelers, yet the volume of the tank is indistinguishable on the 3 models (300 l), and in addition the pneumatic lift (295/80 R 22,5). Driven by superior mechanics and outfitted with a productive undercarriage, the adaptable Regio is effectively separated from the city. Constituting in certainty a genuine contrasting option to his enormous sibling, for transporters just making infrequent excursions. He is the cousin of the Neoplan Trendliner.

Propelled crisis stopping mechanism (AEBS) The propelled crisis slowing mechanism (AEBS) work illuminates the driver of approaching impacts and brakes consequently in crisis circumstances, if fundamental until the vehicle grinds to a halt. Path Guard System (LGS) The Lane Guard System (LGS; path discovery) utilizes a vibrator motivation as a part of the seat to caution the driver when the transport leaves the path, i.e. the driver separates from the path markings.

Versatile Cruise Control (ACC)  Sit down and can rest easy. Proficient drivers welcome an ergonomically improved work environment that makes their employment less demanding and empowers them to focus on their driving. In the event that you need to extricate significantly more delight from your employment, you’ll appreciate the fulfillment of driving a Lion’s Regio. Whether advanced speedometer,  fuel utilization marker or MMC (Multimedia Coach) with route, whether atmosphere control or focal installed PC, presentations are plainly organized, controls sensibly masterminded and inside simple reach. With the catches in the multifunction guiding wheel it is conceivable to recover vehicle information and control an entire number of

different capacities. The driver has a grasp on everything, except without grasping their hands from the wheel. Directly before you is the ellipsoid dashboard with vast, chrome-ringed simple instruments, appealingly styled vents and, in the middle, the driver data show. You can utilize the menu of the driver data show to access on-load up determination whenever.

Travelers getting a charge out of the splendid inside likewise have a phenomenal perspective of their surroundings through the low-midsection tinted windows. The easily molded, simple care surfaces are shading coordinated and appealing ideal from the primary look. Situate solace is of an abnormal state. You have the decision of ergonomic mentor sort seats or a scope of administration transport seating setups intended to withstand ordinary wear and tear and circuitous light idea is extraordinary in this class and makes for an intriguing sentiment space amid the hours of haziness. When you venture on board.

Speed is controlled in light of the separation from the vehicle in front and kept steady by method for inconspicuous mediations from the retarder in the stopping mechanism. Wellbeing out and about is likewise expanded. Electronic steadiness program ESP. ESP is standard on all Lion’s mentors, and it’s there to help in basic circumstances. On the off chance that it distinguishes a risky circumstance the framework settles the vehicle by braking singular wheels specifically, and if important by curtailing motor torque. Electronic slowing mechanism EBS. EBS guarantee that the brakes are connected quickly and it interfaces with the electronically monitored slowing mechanism to accomplish a noteworthy increment in braking wellbeing.

The incorporated footing control framework forestalls turn at the determined wheels. Electronic adjustment of braking power to any given braking circumstance additionally minimizes wear and tear on the framework parts and enhance the cost viability of the stopping mechanism over its whole helpful life. MAN Brakematic with Bremsomat brake control and journey control. MAN BrakeMatic administration of the sustainedaction brake implies that this brake is naturally connected when the driver touches the brake pedal. Bremsomat brake control and journey control empower the vehicle to hold precisely at a preselected speed, boosting wellbeing on soak downhill angles specifically.

MAN TipMatic®. The 12-speed MAN TipMatic transmission can be worked both in completely programmed mode and  physically by method for the touch-activity stalk on the directing segment. In the event that the retarder produces results,  the transmission naturally chooses the rigging that amplifies braking effectiveness. Xenon headlights.

The xenon lights including fog light washer framework fundamentally enhances enlightenment of the street ahead and improves security, especially in terrible climate and when perceivability is poor. These lights are more than twice as brilliant as routine halogen globules.

MAN Lion’s Regio L 2007 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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