MAN SD 200 Waggon Union 1974 Design Interior Exterior Bus

MAN SD 200 Waggon Union 1974 Design Interior Exterior Bus – The MAN SD 200 is a double decker big transport , which for the West Berlin was built city transport. He was discharged in 1973 as a successor arrangement of Büssing DE for the BVG .

The vehicles were from the spoke to in Berlin Coachbuilder Gaubschat, Wagon Union and Orenstein and Koppel (O and K) to MAN – Fahrwerke with MAN Diesel motor and Voith – programmed under platform in back up. The self-supporting structure got a framework of steel funnels for the under deck and middle of the road deck, for the upper deck of aluminum profiles. The outside dividers were clad with aluminum sheets (bolted). The body was an outline that is the end of the 1960s by the German VÖV issued rules for the standard transport – situated and distinctive measurements and parts (z. B. focal electrical box at the left outside of the vehicle at the driver’s seat, driver’s work environment with dashboard lighting) Took over The transport got at the same time, similar to the next standard I-transports of BVG, the Stülb, Front with the vertically bowed along the edges windshields .

On a frame of MAN two models (autos in 2514 and 2515 with a somewhat extraordinary appearance than the later arrangement conveyances) were worked by Gaubschat that in September 1973, on the IAA were displayed. The arrangement generation began in August 1974 and the principal arrangement SD 74 (auto 2623-2645) began in February 1975. A sum of 956 SD-200 arrangement transports were conveyed to the BVG, eight different vehicles (three from the SD 76 arrangement, three of SD 79/80 and two bits of SD 83) were of O and K with marginally unique components to the Lübeck-Travemünde Verkehrsgesellschaft conveyed (LVG), where the movement amongst Lübeck and Travemünde ran. In Berlin the SD 200 organizations were named “SD” (standard twofold decks) and the last two digits of the year of the request (eg “SD 78” for 1978).

At the front and right half of the vehicles of the arrangement SD 73 got to SD 81 Brose goal belts and at the front and at the back a three-piece band marker for the line number rather than connect signs with regards to the past arrangement EN. Amid the development time of right around twelve years, countless and helpful advancements have been consolidated into the further improvement of this arrangement. In addition to other things, a three-arrange Voith gearbox was introduced beginning in 1976, which, in conjunction with the external planetary axles utilized since 1975, makes up the unmistakable sound of these vehicles (an at first profound, then ascending in sound practically equivalent to speed). With the establishment of the diesel motor D2566 UH (rather than MXUH and MUH) the motor clamor likewise transformed: it was no more extended “gurgling”, yet brighter and “more forceful”.

The most imperative for the traveler advancement was in 1978 the establishment of a moment staircase behind the driver’s seat, it was additionally the best approach to and from the highest point of the traveler stream conceivable (from front to back). The “facelift” of the standard I-line transport (overhauled driver’s work environment, square taillights and additionally situate seats with material upholstery) has likewise been embraced from the SD 81 arrangement. Entwerter got fresh out of the box new transports (simply behind the driver’s seat) until 1980, the naming of autos with Entwerter a little straightforward plastic plate was set behind the correct windshield in the early years. As of late creation segments of the cutting edge as of now were utilized: Starting in 1982, the vehicles were rather with Brose goal groups with lattice prepared – Fahrtzielanzeigen into which up to 312 target data could be customized [1] . In 1984 and 1985 further created diesel motors (changed ignition process) and riggings were introduced, the later in the progression arrangement MAN SD 202 were utilized.

1980 and 1983 with the development of three models creation 202 readies the successor MAN SD (default biplane second era) the substitution of the SD 200 and 1985 set. In 2003, the last SD 200 remaining the line in Berlin.

Since twofold decker transports offer a decent view on the upper deck, they are after their retirement as a transport in numerous urban areas as a touring transport to discover. To this end, numerous SD 200 (mostly by the BVG head office) were changed over and got a rooftop to be opened in the upper deck or got to be distinctly open-best twofold deckers. Since the vehicles are still utilized now officially around 25 years of age, are in some touring transports in Hamburg , the MAN diesel motors supplanted by those of Daimler-Benz, as have these better emanation values and less expensive alongside the additionally recharged gearboxes in the upkeep are.

MAN SD 200 Waggon Union 1974 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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