MAN SX series Military Vehicles Sturdy Tough

MAN SX series Military Vehicles Sturdy Tough – MAN SX series is a high mobility military truck that was introduced to the German armed forces in the late 1960s. MAN SX is a military truck that is reliable today. It is still used for service with the German military and the British armed forces

The MAN SX series high mobility truck has a stiffer chassis and much greater mobility. The SX45 is an 8×8 heavy utility truck, which is designed to operate in tough off-road conditions. It has a payload capacity of 14-16 t. The MAN SX series was specifically developed to meet military requirements and is intended to carry heavy and special equipment, such as radars, shelters, antenna masts, missile launchers and so on.

MAN SX series trucks have modular cabins, which can be equipped with additional armored protection kits. This kit was jointly developed by MAN and Krauss-Maffei Wegmann. It provides protection against 7.62×39 mm rounds, artillery shell fragments, grenades, small antipersonnel mines. The armored module is attached to the outside of the cab. Armored kits can be installed within 10 hours in field conditions.

The MAN SX series cab provides seating for the driver and one passenger, but there are also additional seats for one additional passenger. The windshield design on this truck is mounted vertically, to minimize the reflection of incoming light.

MAN SX series Military Vehicles Sturdy Tough - MAN SX 32.440 8×8 with KMW Armoured Cab 2004

The engine used by the MAN SX45 is a 10.5 liter turbocharged diesel engine MAN D2066 LFG, which develops 440 hp. Meet EURO 4 emission requirements. The engine is located behind and under the cab. Such a layout makes it possible to reduce the overall height of the truck. The engine is combined with a fully automatic 6-speed transmission. The maximum road speed is electronically limited to 90 km / hour.

The MAN SX series is designed to compensate for all-terrain battle vehicles. MAN SX series high mobility is equipped with a central tire pressure system. Without preparation if there are water obstacles to a depth of 1.2 m. After preparation the vehicle is able to forge up to 1.5 m. The MAN SX series with standard equipment can operate in temperature ranges from -32 ° C to + 50 ° C. With a special Arctic kit, the MAN SX series can operate in extreme conditions up to -46 ° C.

MAN SX series Military Vehicles Sturdy Tough

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