MAN TGA Rally Truck 2007 Design Exterior Interior

MAN TGA Rally Truck 2007 Design Exterior Interior – Group Exact-MAN is going for first prize in the Dakar Rally 2007. Everything is nervous for the triumph in the truck rankings. The achievement of 2006, a second place for Hans Stacey, must be surpassed. Stacey is going hard and fast to pick up the triumph on 21 January in Dakar with the attempted and tried MAN TGA 4×4 extraordinary.

Under the maxim ‘never show signs of change a triumphant group’, the group’s attempted and tried idea and the effective MAN TGA 4×4 unique were left in place. What’s more, changes were not really fundamental in perspective of the outcomes and the way that the opposition administration won’t actualize the new controls until 2008.

Careful is the primary supporter of the main hour. MAN offers specialized backing amid the rally and is for sure the supplier of the trucks. Readiness of the race trucks was made conceivable with the participation of Tridec. In addition to other things, Groeneveld offers support with ICT innovation.

Precise MAN is turning out with three groups in the truck rivalry class T4. Hans Stacey/Charly Gotlib and Philippe Jacquot/Willy Alcarez are every driving with a MAN TGA 4×4 exceptional arranged by Tridec. The force of the 12.8-liter motor (a great 700 hp) will be exchanged onto the 20-inch wheels by means of a Servo Shift eight-speed gearbox (ZF) and changeless four-wheel drive. CTIS (Central Tire Inflation System) rolls out it conceivable to improvement the tire weight while driving. With the utilization of light materials, the aggregate weight, including fuel and the complete development, is just 8500 kg, and that is lower than in 2006.

The third group, Franz Echter/Detlef Ruf, is driving in the T4 class with a help race truck. This is a four-wheel drive MAN TGA H52 18.480, which is encountering its presentation in the Dakar Rally. The 12.4-liter D26 motor conveys 540 hp and pushes its energy by means of a Servo Shift ZF eight-speed gearbox to the drive shaft. This truck weighs 9500 kg.

The supporting administration group has a capable MAN TGA 6×6 available to its which, with its space and load limit, officially turned out to be a solid buddy in 2006, and was by and by on time each night in the bivouac to benefit the opposition trucks.

The 6×6 drive turned out to be to a great degree admirable for having the overwhelming blend the heaviest snags. This year the aggregate weight of this administration truck, including a heap of extra parts, on 24,500 kg. The administration group’s second truck is a MAN TGA 4×4 with an aggregate weight of 18,000 kg.

MAN TGA Rally Truck 2007 Design Exterior Interior

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