MAN TGS 18,500 4×4 BLS 2017 As MAN Agricultural Truck

MAN TGS 18,500 4×4 BLS 2017 As MAN Agricultural Truck – MAN TGS is equipped as an agricultural truck with four wheel drive, fifth wheel, hitch trailer, hitch puller, load sensor hydraulic system, and ground protector for wide tires. MAN trucks are not only used to transport crops such as wheat to farmers, or grown from farms. MAN Agricultural Truck can demonstrate a high level of efficiency, especially in the combined use of field operations, roads, and processing. The MAN TGS 18,500 4×4 BLS two-axle tractor unit exhibited at AGRITECHNICA 2017 at Hanover at MAN Truck & Bus in Hannover impresses with a range of specialized industrial equipment for use in agriculture. One is the agriculture or forest approval option. Their advantage lies in the maximum allowable vehicle width of up to 3.0 meters.

MAN TGS 18,500 4×4 BLS all-wheel drive is the first choice in agricultural applications. The path to many fields leads to challenging topographical terrain and on unpaved roads, mostly pebbly. Likewise, not all access roads to silos, liquid fertilizer containers or silo facilities are attached to the site. For maximum traction, the driver can insert a differential key in the longitudinal and then in a transverse direction on the rotary switch. The all-wheel drive then plays along with its ground-friendly agricultural tires, when going from dirt road to pasture or field, where the shredder instantly fills the next semi-trailer driving.

MAN TGS 18,500 4×4 BLS with Ban incorporating demands on soil and ground protection due to low soil pressure, traction through their V profile and high transport speed on paved roads. If approved as a farm or forest vehicle, the width of the vehicle can reach 3 meters, which is reflected in the selection of tires. If the 2.50 meter wide truck meets the 445/65 front tires and 600/50 rear tires on the axle. When the maximum allowable width is out, MAN TGS rotates at 580/65 22.5 in front and 750/45 26.5 behind. MAN takes into account the required large wheel curvature in the form of adjustable fender clippings, mud flaps. If transporting tasks are carried out for long periods on unrelated roads, it is advisable to replace the agricultural tires to make them more difficult to use and lower the rolling resistance and therefore more economical on the road.

Inside the MAN TGS 18,500 4×4 BLS cab, the driver can comfortably fit into four levels with high vehicle design. The interior in the “sand” color or in the dark gray “basin” assured with a user-friendly atmosphere. To see the cargo, the window is inserted into the back wall. As an alternative and often more practical, two camera cameras mounted outside to observe cargo and rear vehicle environments can be imported to a 7-inch screen of the new MAN Infotainment system. Outside M-cab scores with functional accessories: in a strong three-piece steel bumper protects the front light grid. A climb on the left fender with a long grip on the roof makes it easier to see inside the trough and over the trailer. Additional lights illuminate the vehicle environment and the beacon warns other road users. Plowing of snow plow mounts with high-level headlamps and turning signals offers an opportunity for employers to use vehicles economically even in winter. Behind the driver cabin, the exhaust pipe is pulled to the right to reduce exhaust emissions in the vehicle environment and to prevent dust from spinning on the ground.

The in-line 6-cylinder engine of the MAN D26 CommonRail engine series has a 12.4 liter displacement and reaches 500 hp at 1400 rpm in the Euro 6c exhaust emission classification. The maximum torque is 2500 Nm at 930 – 1400 rpm. This engine series also has power levels with 420 hp and 460 hp offered. This machine is paired with MAN TipMatic 12 automatic gearshift. With SmartShifting functionality, it offers a very rapid gear change depending on the driving situation to minimize traction interference. Off-road gearbox software, offered for all-wheel-drive vehicles and can be activated on tooth-select switch with rotary switch, designed specifically for off-road driving. It avoids tooth skipping, has changed switching time and higher switching speed to avoid traction noise from propulsion. This means that truck speeds of no more than 89 km / h are possible even at full load.

MAN TGS 18.500 4×4 BLS Type Agricultural tractor with permanent four-wheel drive
Wheelbase 3900 mm
Suspension Front axle leaf suspension 9.5 t
Rear axle air suspension 13.0 t
height High design
driver’s cab M with 2 seats and construction ramp
engine 6-cylinder in-line engine D26 CommonRail emission standard Euro 6c
capacity 12,419 ccm
power 500 hp (368 kW) at 1800 rpm
torque 2500 Nm at 930 – 1400 1 / min
transmission MAN TipMatic 12 28 OD with shifting software Offroad
rear axle Planetary axle
axle ratio i = 4.00
speed 1,5 – 89 km / h
Permissible axle loads for agricultural tires front 9000 kg / rear 10,000 kg
maximum weight allowed 18,000 kg
Permissible gross train weight 40,000 kg (technically 44,000 kg)
tires Front axle 445/65 R 22.5
Rear axle 600/50 R 22.5
paintwork Cab MAN green M107
Rims light ivory white
Frame graphite black RAL 9011
Industry-specific agricultural equipment Conversion to agricultural tires
Towbar at the end of the frame with steering balls
Load-sensing hydraulic system
backup camera
Stainless steel roof strap with 4 work lights

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