Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1600 LD 6×2 2011 Design Interior Exterior Bus

Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1600 LD 6×2 2011 Design Interior Exterior Bus – Model designed with top of the line innovation to guarantee traveler’s wellbeing in both medium and long separation ventures. Gear compartment limit up to 20.7 m³, giving additional space to gear convenience in tourism courses and journeys. Paradiso 1600 LD Long and medium separations, other than tourism.

Front, back and roof in fortified plastic; Sides (beneath the line of windows) in stuck plain aluminum boards. Openings of the baggage compartment in aluminum plates stuck in a structure likewise of aluminum. Accessibility of different sorts of materials and coatings hues, meeting global combustibility determinations. Floor in level floor secured with plastic cover or alternatively, carpet of high resistance (PVC) non-slip.

The inner lighting framework, when the vehicle has no aerating and cooling, comprises of lights with LED knobs. Alternatively, the vehicle might be outfitted with night lights. It additionally has lighting in the bundle rack, path, stairs and individual perusing light support.

The entire structure comprises of the inflexible gathering of the base, side, rooftop, front and back structures, which are made out of steel tube and stamped trims, electrifies by hot-plunging. The entire transport body is gathered by vaporous air welding, giving extraordinary security to the liquid zone. Joining the transport body to the undercarriage is done through a similar procedure. The entire structure is extraordinarily treated against consumption and commotion. The bringing down of the driver’s lodge permits the progression of the traveler’s compartment floor over the driver’s lodge, permitting the arrangement of more seats and an all encompassing perspective.

Front pantographic traveler’s entryway with locking and entryway pivot for the driver xx, aluminum structure, secured inside with strengthened plastic and remotely with fortified aluminum sheet. It has a wellbeing valve that can be actuated in crisis cases. The entryway is situated in the front shade and can alternatively be in the wheelbase.

The package racks are made of plywood, expelled aluminum profiles, stirred steel accommodated profiles, fiberglass and PVC profiles, and are settled to the rooftop structure with steel PU covered sections. The bundle racks are strong.

Improved development idea, with tubular profiles and steel stamped profiles, hot-plunge stirred and welded; It is additionally being utilized as a part of particular focuses, steels with uncommon compounds, permitting the decrease of weight, expanding the resistance and lessening the presence of purposes of consumption. Body welded together in vaporous climate and with anticorrosion and hostile to commotion insurance.

Totally new, more total and better review multiplex. Simple control of the vehicle inside reach of the driver. Screen coordinated alongside the multiplex (TV, back, GPS).

Length: Max. 14.000 mm
Height: Max. 4230 mm
Width: Max. 2.600 mm

Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1600 LD 6×2 2011 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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