Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1600 LD 6×2 2014 Design Interior Exterior Bus

Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1600 LD 6×2 2014 Design Interior Exterior Bus – New Marcopolo Paradiso DD 1800, driver and guide get uncommon thoughtfulness regarding increment comfort and ergonomic components to make driving substantially more agreeable. Driver’s lodges have been upgraded completely, with another entryway, full frontal dashboard, floor and seats. Completing lines from inside take after car patterns, indicating amicable materials and outlined controls to the driver’s compass.

New dashboard with retractable satellites holds each instrument, for example, turn around rigging and inside cams, multiplex framework (works all together of the transport). It numbers with air outlets and natural air framework a great deal more proficient, possessions rack behind each seat, selective light to traveler and guide being through sensor.

Driver and guide’s places have been updated as astute as to be simpler get to and enhance more extensive view from outside. Guide’s seat is put somewhat facilitate behind, so room is 400mm bigger now than before to the dashboard.

The inside lighting framework, when the vehicle has no aerating and cooling, comprises of lights with LED globules. Alternatively, the vehicle might be furnished with night lights. It likewise has lighting in the bundle rack, passageway, stairs and individual perusing light support.

The entire structure comprises of the inflexible gathering of the base, side, rooftop, front and back structures, which are made out of steel tube and stamped trims, excited by hot-plunging. The entire transport body is amassed by vaporous air welding, giving awesome assurance to the liquid zone. Joining the transport body to the frame is done through a similar procedure. The entire structure is uniquely treated against erosion and clamor. The bringing down of the driver’s lodge permits the headway of the traveler’s compartment floor over the driver’s lodge, permitting the position of more seats and an all encompassing perspective.

Front pantographic traveler’s entryway with locking and entryway pivot for the driver xx, aluminum structure, secured inside with strengthened plastic and remotely with reinforced aluminum sheet. It has a security valve that can be actuated in crisis cases. The entryway is situated in the front shade and can alternatively be in the wheelbase.

Catalog Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1600 LD 6×2 2014

Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1600 LD 6×2 2014 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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