Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1800 DD 6×2 2011 Design Interior Exterior Bus

Design Interior Exterior BusMarcopolo Paradiso G7 1800 DD 6×2 in 2011 , in collaboration with different well known brands to make these transports, where there SCANIA undercarriage, motors from Mercedes-Benz, it delivers enough mass vehicle looks exquisite and it is extremely helpful for long separation transportation.

The front, raise, rooftop, windows and wheel forms of all vehicles are made of fiberglass strengthened plastic (GRP). The covering of the sides (underneath the window line), is made of smooth aluminum boards, appropriate for covering tubular structures. The front and back guard are made of fiberglass fortified plastic (GRP). The bodies can be inside covered with different sorts of materials and diverse shading game plans. All coatings meet strict global combustibility guidelines.

All models of easy chairs meet national and worldwide principles of wellbeing and solace. Alternatively, easy chairs can be chosen super delicate bed, bed-bed, semi-bed, semi-ace or official with 4 leaning back positions.

Access to travelers through pantograph entryway with locking, in the between tomahawks, simply behind the front hub, with remote control by the driver. It has a wellbeing valve that can be enacted in the event of crisis. Entryway for driver and helper driver, both with pivot. The bodywork is outfitted with ordinary sliding windows, mounted on aluminum outline. Every mobile window are outfitted with a simple to-work manual locking framework. Alternatively, the vehicle can be furnished with tinted windows, smoked or drab settled windows.

Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1800 DD 6x2 2011 Design Interior Exterior Bus

Rest room, More down to earth, agreeable and roomy, Interior updated, with new hues and distinctive lighting. Bigger flotsam and jetsam box, now 40 liters. Access to wellbeing lighting through nearness sensor. Simple access for support.

Inventive optical set that improves mark character. Bearing markers in LED and Daytime running . Non-cooled vehicles have an inside lighting framework with LEDs. Alternatively, the vehicle can be furnished with night enlightenment in the bundle holders, in the walkway, on the stairs and with individual perusing lights. On the lower floor, the luminaires are likewise situated beside the side windows.

Marcopolo Volvo B12R Paradiso G6 1800 DD 6×2 2007 Design Interior Exterior Bus

Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1800 DD 6×2 2011 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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