Marcopolo Viaggio G7 1050 2011 Design Interior Exterior Bus

Display Marcopolo Viaggio 1050, Frontal and back motor. Streamlined building idea, with tubular trims and steel designed trims, hot-plunge stirred and welded; Special compound steel is additionally being utilized as a part of particular focuses, permitting weight diminishment, expanding resistance and lessening consumption focuses. Transport body amassed by vaporous air welding and ensured against erosion and clamor.

Strengthened plastic front, back and rooftop, Bonded flart aluminum side boards (beneath window line). Baggage compartment entryways in aluminum sheets fortified on an aluminum structure. A few sorts of materials and hues accessible for covering, meeting with worldwide combustibility details. Level ground surface secured with plastic cover or, alternatively, with against sliding high resistance (PVC) cover.

Frontal pantographic traveler’s entryway with mechanical locking, twofold fixing, aluminum structure, secured inside with fortified plastic and remotely with reinforced aluminum sheet.  Driver-controlled pneumatic actuation, with security valve for crisis cases set in an obvious and simple got to spot.

Two brings forth on the rooftop that likewise function as crisis ways out. Characteristic air remodel framework with a back admission, joined with the air crisp admission, and two air outlets in the vehicle front. Driver lodge outfitted with constrained ventilation (warming and cooling alternatives) coordinated to the windshield as well as to the driver. Rooftop characteristic convection ventilation system or potentially warming framework are offered as choices.

Expansive package rack with incorporated hand hold, guaranteeing security for travelers to move around inside the vehicle; The bundle racks are made of plastic, with aluminum trims, focused to the structure with steel-secured bolster sections. We additionally display new overhead administration sets for simple seat number recognizable proof, directional ventilation system yields and perusing light support with Led’s. Side baggage compartment with pivot framework entryways, and alternatively with pantographic framework. Gear compartment locks with keys and driver-controlled pneumatic framework as discretionary.

Marcopolo Viaggio G7 1050 2011 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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