Maserati 250S by Fantuzzi 1955 Design Interior Exterior Car

In 1955, Maserati moved to supplant its A6GS sports hustling autos with another auto called the 200S, later the 200SI. In 1957, they redesigned the 200SI with a greater motor and re-initiated it the 250S. Just four were constructed. This is one of them. The motor is a 2.5-liter twin cam straight-four making 253 torque. They were extended variants of the 2.0liter from the 200SI and they were speedy autos speedier than the Ferrari V12s they went up against at an early stage. Be that as it may, the project was drop when Maserati surrendered hustling after 1957. The smooth body is by Fantuzzi.

Probably the most splendid and venerated pure bloods to rise up out of Maserati’s steady amid the 1950s were the organization’s four-barrel sports racers, which appeared in 1955. Like Porsche, Maserati observed that the 1.5-liter games auto class needed noteworthy rivalry from any makers other than OSCA, so the Tipo 53 undertaking was charged using the 4CF2 motor, which uprooted just shy of 1,500 cubic centimeters. At the appropriate time, the engine was expanded to dislodge two liters for the succeeding 200S and 200SI models, and however both autos indicated much guarantee in their duels with Ferrari’s TRCs, Maserati was progressively distracted with its 300S six-chamber games racer.

In 1958 the motor was made greater (2.5 liters) and the auto was named as 250S. The auto scored a reverberating triumph with Stirling Moss in the driver’s seat amid the 1956 Trofeo Supercortemaggiore.

Configuration Straight 4
Location Front, longitudinally mounted
Construction light alloy block and head
Displacement 2,490 cc / 151.9 cu in
Bore / Stroke 96.0 mm (3.8 in) / 86.0 mm (3.4 in)
Compression 9.8:1
Valvetrain 2 valves / cylinder, DOHC
Fuel feed 2 Weber 45 DCO3 Carburettors
Aspiration Naturally Aspirated
Power 196 bhp / 146 KW @ 7,800 rpm
BHP/Liter 79 bhp / liter
Chassis aluminium body on steel tubular chassis
Front suspension double wishbones, coil springs, Houdaille hydraulic shock absorbers
Rear suspension DeDion axle, transverse semi-elliptic leaf spring, Houdaille hydraulic shock absorbers
Steering worm-and-sector
Brakes hydraulic drums, all-round
Gearbox 5 speed Manual
Drive Rear wheel drive
Weight 660 kilo / 1,455 lbs
Length / Width / Height 3,900 mm (153.5 in) / 1,450 mm (57.1 in) / 980 mm (38.6 in)
Wheelbase / Track (fr/r) 2,150 mm (84.6 in) / 1,250 mm (49.2 in) / 1,200 mm (47.2 in)
Power to weight 0.3 bhp / kg
Top Speed 260 km/h (162 mph)

Maserati 250S by Fantuzzi 1955 Design Interior Exterior Car

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