Mazda Atenza Sport Wagon 2002 Design Interior Exterior

The new Mazda Atenza Sport line-up has been extended with two new body styles and two all-new diesel motors. The rich hatchback Mazda Atenza Sport will speak to clients searching for a more lively model, while the classy Mazda Atenza Sport Wagon will engage drivers who put a premium on extensive size and inside adaptability. The two diesel drivetrains speak to best in class diesel innovation, while offering the ideal blend of driving delight and low fuel utilization.

Dispatched in April this year, the new Mazda Atenza Sport Sedan speaks to European drivers with its dynamic configuration, energetic taking care of attributes and extensive inside. Presently Mazda is adding to this with the indecent hatchback Mazda Atenza Sport and the roomy Wagon. These increases to the Mazda Atenza Sport range show that the Japanese maker is concentrating seriously on the individual tastes and particular necessities of European drivers.

The outside outline of the two new body styles demonstrates the nearby proclivity with the current Sedan rendition. The new models have the unmistakable Mazda face, with an expressive five-point grille, striking air consumption openings in the front guard spoiler and carefully thin headlamps with clear glass. Seen from the side, the new Mazda Atenza Sport does its name equity. The intense point of the back window and the rich profile of the C-column give the auto a dynamic look, and make for a lower and more energetic appearance. The new Mazda Atenza Sport Wagon symbolizes energy in another structure, with a moderately intense back window line and darkened B-columns to give the auto a rich yet energetic appearance, regardless of its roomy lodge. The back of both models is ruled by the reasonable glass light get together, of comparative outline to the front headlamps. These wrap around into the side boards and give a liquid optical connection between the boot trim and the back bumper.

Mazda Atenza Sport Wagon 2002 Design Interior Exterior

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