Mazda RT24-P 2017 Aggressive Design 600 Horsepower

Mazda RT24-P 2017 Aggressive Design 600 Horsepower – Mazda not only produces commercial car cars but is also globally known for its engineering excellence and vehicle design, such as the Mazda RT24-P 2017. With racing car bodywork developed by Mazda designers utilizing the design philosophy of “kodo-soul of motion”. Kodo represents instantaneously that energy becomes a movement, such as the beauty of strong and flexible muscles into the Mazda RT24-P 2017 including the slim body contours and the five-point Mazda grille.

Mazda RT24-P 2017 introduced at automotive exhibition Los Angeles 2016, as a race car that usher in a new era in the history of automotive Mazda in North America. the new car will compete under the protocol Daytona Prototype International (DPI) rules in the prototype class, top tier IMSA sportscar weathercarn. after significant on-track testing.

Like most prototype racing cars, the Mazda RT24-P with multi-functional steering wheel is full of buttons and several elements. In addition, the cabin should not be much different from the outgoing race car. Dashboards should be simple and have no car-like elements except the instrument cluster, which should have a much simpler view. Mazda RT24-P with an aggressive reinforced driver seat, light door panel and stripped floor.

Mazda RT24-P with the same MZ-2.0T engine used on the Mazda Prototype racer last year. Developed in collaboration with Advanced Engine Research (AER), a four-cylinder four-cylinder turbocharged engine that produces about 600 horsepower. With a chassis developed by Riley Technologies and Multimatic, Mazda’s racing partner for IMSA since 2014.

Mazda RT24-P 2017

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