McLaren Mercedes-Benz MP4-17D Sport 2003 Design Interior Exterior Car

Once in a while when you’re perusing sell off locales or the classifieds and you run over something startling. Indeed, that very thing happened today when I was perusing Ebay. Surprisingly, I found a 2003 McLaren Mercedes-Benz MP4-15 that is clearly real, and was driven by Kimi Raikkonen with the No. 6 uniform amid the 2003 F1 season.

With a beginning offer of $270,000, I contemplated internally “no chance to get.” things being what they are, everything is by all accounts honest to goodness. The auto is as of now situated in Brazil and has the greater part of the import/send out printed material prepared to go. As indicated by the posting, the auto can be traded around the world, however there is one little catch – it doesn’t have the motor.

That may be a major issue for most, yet with the appropriate measure of time and know-how, it wouldn’t be excessively troublesome, making it impossible to drop a motor in there. The posting doesn’t jump a lot into the auto’s history, yet it states that the auto is totally stock, and all parts are unique.

The McLaren MP4-17D was a solitary seater of Formula 1 that contended in the World Championship Formula 1 2003 ; this auto had the expectation to bring back the drivers ‘titles and constructors McLaren separately following three and four years (objective not accomplished: both the Drivers’ and Constructors that was won by Scuderia Ferrari with the Ferrari F2003-GA ). It was displayed on January 15 2003 in Valencia.

As should be obvious from the pictures, the auto itself is fit as a fiddle. Kimi Raikkonen placed second for the 2003 season with this auto, so it has some triumphant history. I would be intrigued to recognize what the auto has been up to throughout the previous 13 years, yet sadly, the merchant has yet to answer to my request. I think this would be a wonderful piece to have in the carport. Obviously, living in the U.S., it will cost significantly more than $270,000 to get it. I don’t comprehend what shipping expenses, send out/import charges, and assessments keep running for something like this, yet I have an inclination that it isn’t precisely modest. In any case, it’s a cool find, and I’m interested to perceive the amount it goes for. In case you’re really keen on it, the sale is running until Monday, February fifteenth, so you may what to sign in and put your offer before it’s past the point of no return.

McLaren Mercedes-Benz MP4-17D Sport 2003 Design Interior Exterior Car

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