Mercedes-Benz 170 V Roadster 1936 Design Interior Exterior Car

1938 Mercedes-Benz 170 V Roadster with 38 hp, 1,697 cc inline four-chamber motor, four-velocity manual synchromesh transmission, four-wheel autonomous suspension, and four-wheel pressure driven drum brakes. Wheelbase: 2,845 mm

Contenders’ results of the day, the 170 V held propelled designing underneath the lines of its exemplary coachwork. Developed on an oval tube undercarriage with free suspension in the front and swing hub suspension in the back, which would go about unaltered until the 1960s, the 170 V displayed better taking care of and ride in examination than different marques of the day. The smooth-running, four-chamber motor, which was mated to a four-rate transmission, gave a top velocity of 108 km/h. A couple of these case were graced with extremely appealing, open-topped bodies.

Likely the most slippery and most attractive of every one of the 170 V Mercedes delivered is the roadster. It was viewed as the “Gem of the Line”, and roughly 300 aggregate autos were delivered with this body. It included a collapsing windshield outline, side draperies, and a back collapsing “thunder seat”. As found in this sample, it is a smooth and extremely appealing configuration on a short undercarriage. This Roadster has been affectionately restored and brags various alluring elements. The blue over cream body is highlighted with a delicate dull blue top, whilst the new inside is shading coordinated with cream material trimmed with blue channeling. Lifting the hood uncovers a spotless motor inlet, as well as cowl-mounted instruments and jacking hardware. Hella spot lights are mounted on both cowl sides simply over the trafficators, and the back of the body is highlighted by an appropriate metal-shrouded save. Bosch headlamps, horn, and wiper engine can be found in different territories of this nice looking auto. By and large, every range of this uncommon sample introduces exceptionally well and will be welcomed by any viewer that comprehends the fine nature of a low generation Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz 170 V Roadster 1936 Design Interior Exterior Car

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