Mercedes-Benz 170 Va Kasten-Lieferwagen 1952 Design Interior Exterior Car

Mercedes-Benz 170 Va Kasten-Lieferwagen 1952 Design Interior Exterior Car – Mercedes-Benz W136 is the name, utilizing the maker’s works number, under which the auto is oftentimes known all things considered, however the auto presented right on time in 1936 was known as the Mercedes-Benz 170V. It supplanted the six chamber Mercedes-Benz W15, which at the time had additionally been known as the Mercedes-Benz 170. In spite of having a comparative motor limit of 1.7 liters, the new auto’s four barrel unit was all the more effective. In fact and elaborately it was much more present day and could be sold at a lower cost. Between 1936 more than 75,000 were assembled making it by a long shot the most well known Mercedes-Benz model up till that point.

The “V” in the name 170V is another way to say “Vorn” (front) and separate the car from the contemporary Mercedes-Benz 170H. Where “H” is another way of saying “Hell” or returning that uses the same thing. four 1697cc motorbikes, but located behind the car. The most extreme extreme force is 28 kW (38 PS) at 3,400. Make use of the proportion of pressure of 6:1.The side-valve four barrel motor devoured fuel at the rate of under 10 liters for each 100 kilometers (28 mpg-pixie; 24 mpg-US). The engine was appended utilizing only two mountings and kept running with a smoothness heretofore obscure in a four barrel unit.

In May 1950 the 170V and 170D got a force update because of a bigger motor. They now utilized the 1767cc units which would, in 1953, go ahead to control the Mercedes-Benz 180. At this stage there was no name change to mirror the expanded motor size. Meanwhile welfare is enhanced by telescopic protection fuses. Broader rear track and stronger brakes. Considerations in this redesign are also connected with comfort. The design is widened by 50 mm (2.0 in) and the seat is larger. The dental compartment on the back must finally be available from the outside. Using bagasse cover and ventilation is moved forward. To separate them from the current model, gasoline / gas and diesel adaptation. Updated as Mercedes-Benz 170 Va and Mercedes-Benz 170 Da.

Mercedes-Benz 170 Va Kasten-Lieferwagen 1952 Design Interior Exterior Car

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