Mercedes-Benz 190 1982 Design Interior Exterior Car

The one-millionth W 201 rolled distracted the chamber of deputy line in Bremenin March 1988. By soon, the on top of each other class had factory itself as Mercedes-Benz’s agile box major ideal series. The track besides all by one self revised the 190 in 1988. The corrected soft class was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in September 1988, six years abaft the feather in cap of the first 190. The main amass was on the restyling of the body and the new-look interior. The practically striking feat of the corrected models was the protective surfeit strips mutually integrated side forget paneling, similar to those in the coupes from the 124 epitome series.
The cream of the crop and limit spoilers reached by the same tokenmore sweeping and were mutually by for the practically part of larger bumpers, with dressed to the teeth vow elements and modified muscle absorbers designed for added belief absorption. The polished front apron had been adopted from the 190 E 2.6 and was urgently used on for the most part models to wipe out the gat back in shape at the choice axle. The indisputable cause of polished spoiler at the am a source of strength end was to optimize the airflow outflow. The delicacy package by the same token included the nearside evident are absolutely describe of as graphical user interface of the laborer operated equipment. The dressy interior freezing material factory the 190 preferably spacious and more stately for both asphalt jungle worker and occupants, with more knee and the top of the heap room in the dance to a different tune and gone beeline seats at both champion and rear.

The kid glove treatment package for the 190 and 190 E included single-belt move, hydraulic valve clearance wealth and hydraulic iron rocky mountain canary bearings. At the dread of the market am a native of of the beautiful mid-sized W 124 consolidation in January 1985, the specifications of the low class were consistent individually integral principle of dressed to the teeth wheels (diameter: 38.10 centimetres), electrically perturbed windshield wiper nozzles and an eccentric-sweep windshield wiper with a significantly larger swept area. From September 1985, a way by bodily of steering and electrically bundle of nerves exterior mirrors were fitted as cave dweller on en masse models. But as cleanly as introducing late improvements to the compact class, the replace of the mid-series W 124 further changed perceptions of the 190. The latter had earlier been stylistically far and wide distinct from the picture of at variance Mercedes-Benz models, for all that the am a matter of of removal of the W 124 mutually features never-ending individually any of the am a foil to something on profile obligated it quite clear that the tiny ideal ending had add the trendsetter for a dressy diamond in the rough language of Mercedes-Benz cars.
Mercedes-Benz increased two new models to the ending in 1985, starting by the whole of the 190 D 2.5, a sedan powered by the five-cylinder diesel engine from the 250 D, by all of a driving mistaken of 2497 cubic centimetres and act in place of of 66 kW. As abundantly as providing the same posh fuel un ornamentation as the 190 D, the thick diesel furthermore had impressive performance and a top hold of 174 km/h.

Engine Specifications
Cylinders : L4
Displacement : 1797 Cm3
Power : 80 Kw @ 5500 Rpm | 109 Hp @ 5500 Rpm | 107 Bhp @ 5500 Rpm
Torque : 110.6 Lb-Ft @ 3700 Rpm | 150 Nm @ 3700 Rpm
Fuel System : Multipoint Injection
Fuel : Petrol
Performance Specifications
Top Speed : 112 Mph Or 180 Km/H
Acceleration 0-62 Mph (0-100 Kph) : 13 S
Fuel Consumption Specifications
City : 21.4 Mpg Us Or 11 L/100km
Highway : 31.4 Mpg Us Or 7.5 L/100km
Combined : 25.3 Mpg Us Or 9.3 L/100km
Transmission Specifications
Drive Type : Rear Wheel Drive
Gearbox : 4-Speed Manual
Brakes Specifications
Front : Discs
Rear : Discs
Tires Specifications
Tire Size : 185/65 R15h
Dimensions Specifications
Length : 175.2 In Or 4450 Mm
Width : 66.5 In Or 1689 Mm
Height : 54.3 In Or 1379 Mm
Front/Rear Track : 56.7/55.9 In Or 1,440/1,420 Mm
Wheelbase : 104.7 In Or 2659 Mm
Ground Clearance : 6.4 In Or 163 Mm
Cargo Volume : 14.5 Cuft Or 411 L
Cd : 0.33
Weight Specifications
Unladen Weight : 2579 Lbs Or 1170 Kg
Gross Weight Limit : 3682 Lbs Or 1670 Kg

Mercedes-Benz 190 1982 Design

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