Mercedes-Benz 220d Pickup 1972 Unique Vehicle Design

Mercedes-Benz 220d Pickup 1972 Unique Vehicle Design – The Mercedes-Benz 220d pickup 1972 built from 1972-1976 is based on the W115 with an eight-dash. He is available as a single and double cabin. With many calling him “La Pickup”. Mercedes-Benz exploits the gap of imported vehicles policy in Argentina and carries what is called a CKD (Complete Knocked Down) vehicle to South America and built from the W115 chassis model at Argentina’s Gonzalez Catan factory (near Buenos Aires) pickup – with single or double cabin.

The Mercedes-Benz 220d Pickup 1972 is an OM 615 diesel engine, which takes 60 hp and 125 Nm of 2,197 cc capacity. Transmission power through automatic transmission to the rear axle.

The Mercedes-Benz 220d Pickup 1972 with cabin is identical to the usual W115, boasting of all the technology and luxury that includes this. In the early 1970s, when the pick-up was built, it meant radio, automatic gearbox and luxurious leather upholstery. Behind the cabin, there is a large dumpster that makes it a very practical vehicle.

Many of the Mercedes-Benz 220d Pickup 1972 are still driving on the streets of Argentina, but some of them even make it to Europe. The Stuttgart SSB railway company imports Stich-Acht-Laster to Germany. The vehicles shown here are used as service cars to lubricate points.

Some time ago Mercedes-Benz Vans found the eight-dash pickup shown here. The vehicle has passed through several private hands after being used at the Stuttgart transport company and also should be u.a. with camper attachments on the road, which is why the modified backside can explain.

Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz
Model: W115 Pick-Up (La pick-up)
Country of origin: Argentina
Years available: 1972 to 1976
Body style: LCV/Pick-up
Engine: OM61 220D
Capacity: 2 197cc
Power: 45kW
Torque: 126Nm
Gearbox: Automatic

Mercedes-Benz 220d Pickup 1972 Unique Vehicle Design

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