Mercedes-Benz A-250 AMG Line Sedan 2019

Mercedes-Benz A-250 AMG Line Sedan 2019 – Mercedes-Benz comes with a new atmosphere in the A-Class line by presenting the Mercedes-Benz A-250 AMG Line Sedan 2019. A hatchback-dominated A-Class now comes in a sedan style with boot pretty good. It is positioned very close to a coupe-style four-door CLA, distinguishing itself with a slightly higher rear end and better interior packaging.

To further separate from the A-Class hatchback, the Mercedes-Benz A-250 is not available in the entry level SE specifications. Mercedes-Benz presents the Mercedes-Benz A-250 AMG Line Sedanexclusively in the Sport trim and AMG Line.

The interior of the A-250 AMG Sedan 2019 feels superior to its siblings, not only in terms of technology, but also in quality and durability. The cabin is quite close to the same slick dual screen infotainment system and turbine style ventilation on the dashboard. Tactile instruments and controls make changing climate control settings fun and also easy to operate. The A-250 AMG Line Sedan seat is presented with many adjustments.

By choosing a basic A 180 engine, where the engine produces smoother 221bhp 221bhp. The seven-speed box that cleverly changes gears less frequently than the 9G-Tronic C-Class set-up, without sacrificing improvements at the top.

Mercedes-Benz A-250 AMG Line Sedan 2019

Completion of the A-250 AMG Line Sedan 2019 Seat which has been specially engineered by Mercedes to make this car the most aerodynamic. But in the meantime maybe a little calmer with a boot that has versatility and practicality.

The Mercedes-Benz A-250 AMG Sedan feels stable and safe at all times, even through heavy rain and sizable puddles. The standard kit is good, though Merc will burden you for Apple Car Play and Android Auto connectivity, which comes as part of the Advanced Smartphone Package. The sport model gets 17-inch wheels, LED lights, man-made leather and two-zone climate control, while the AMG Line offers a racier style, privacy glass and sports seats. Widescreen shape that is bigger than the Premium Package.

Mercedes-Benz A-250 AMG Line Sedan 2019

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