Mercedes-Benz Accelo 815 2011 Design Interior Exterior Truck

For the light truck fragment, Mercedes-Benz presents the new Accelo 815 and Accelo 1016, officially outfitted with Euro 5 motors and BlueTec innovation 5. The configuration, more cutting edge and strong is likewise another curiosity in the vehicle. With PBT (gross weight) of 8300 kg, the 815 offers Accelo 1600 kg more load contrasted with 710. The form 1016, thus, has PBT 9,600 kg, load limit 600 kg higher than the current Accelo 915 C. The Accelo 1016 permits the establishment of a third pivot, which should be possible by actualizing organizations, expanding its heap limit for 13.000 kg of PBT and empowering the utilization of bodies up to 8 meters in length.

The Accelo will be outfitted with electronic motor OM 924 LA four-chamber and 156 drive and torque of 580 Nm at Accelo 815 and 610 Nm at Accelo 1016. The motor life is around 600,000 km. The model likewise gets trade 5 gears. The 1016 rendition for utilize 13,000 kg of PBT can be furnished with the Mercedes-Benz G-56 trade 6 gears. The truck likewise gets the brakes arrangement drum to 815 and the quantity of circle for 1016, being discretionary for the 815, motor brake Top arrangement Brake for 1016 and discretionary for the 815.

One of the colossal advancements of the 2012 light truck line is the biggest burden limit. 8,300 kg gross weight – PBT, the Accelo 815 denoted the section of Mercedes-Benz in the scope of 8 tons of PBT. As of now Accelo 1016 achieved 9600 kg of PBT. In conjunction with the biggest portion of the heap stage, permitting the utilization of bodies to 6.5 meters in length, the vast majority of the delicate section, it results in much higher profitability for urban dissemination than whatever other light truck, helping for more beneficial client.

The Accelo 1016 permits the establishment of a third hub, which should be possible by executing organizations, expanding its heap limit for 13.000 kg of PBT, when furnished with the Mercedes-Benz trade 6 gears, permitting the utilization of body with up to 8 meters in length.

Light trucks Mercedes-Benz Accelo offer more preferences for clients working in the vehicle and urban conveyance of burdens in the city of São Paulo. With Accelo 815 and Accelo 1016, the brand has extended the offer of VUC models (Vehicle Load Urbano), which have more prominent adaptability course in the city, even in limited territories. Besides, now offers the biggest burden limit between VUC trucks accessible.

Both Accelo 815, as Accelo 1016, the wheelbase variant 3,100 mm permit the utilization of bigger assortment of trucks business sector VUC of 4.5 meters long, with no revising the implementer. Along these lines, guarantee high volume stacking and high payload capacity.

With around 20 cubic meters of volume limit stack, the Accelo VUC conveys what might as well be called two Asian truck with mid-section of 3 meters in length. What’s more, in burden limit, Accelo 1016, with its 6200 kg, substittui around four of these trucks. That is, light truck Mercedes-Benz makes less outings to the same measure of charge, expanding efficiency and benefit for the client.

The Accelo trucks are perfect for merchandise dispersion and conveyance and gathering charges and items in urban and intercity courses. They are additionally demonstrated for short street separations and provincial territories.

Among different applications, light trucks Mercedes-Benz meet the vehicle of sustenance, new create, building materials, furniture, gadgets, apparatuses, improvement, solidified items, refreshments, wholesale division, autossocorro, gas canisters and others. Subsequently, utilizing predominantly body trunk, open dry load, refrigerated mid-section, autossocorro stages and different actualizes.

Mercedes-Benz Accelo 815 2011 Design Interior Exterior Truck

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