Mercedes-Benz C 240 (W202) 1997 Design Interior Exterior

Mercedes-Benz C 240 (W202) 1997 Design Interior Exterior – One of the blessings of the C-magnificence is absolutely its understated appearance. It is a pinnacle model, however you can be in a courting “with decency” come for a trip. Simply do no longer start at the V6, at least. With a period of around four and a half of meters namely you’re speaking about a car with a traditional format. With his new nose, coloured bumpers and a cutting-edge and sophisticated C included spoiler within the tailgate looks. If sports supply the alloy rims and carbon fiber-like strips in a further accessory.

The maximum interesting information on the C 240 is absolutely its energy: a contemporary V6 with 125 kW / a hundred and seventy hp. The two.Four-liter engine is essentially constructed of light steel, respiration thru three valves consistent with cylinder and gets sparks of two spark plugs according to cylinder. Quite unusual, however the impact can be. He is a highly bendy, would really like a endure beforehand, still does his paintings and as an introduced bonus depart the V6 recorded a internet fuel. We drove an average of one in 10.1. For as “one massive six-cylinder enormously meritorious. Especially when you recognize greater we drove with a merchandising device.
This car weighs a infant and a half of lots. However, the overall performance without a doubt did not disappoint; He runs thoroughly over two hundred. Inside the sprint to 100 C 240 ducked simply underneath the 10 depend.

Time to peer the indoors in peace. From behind however begin. For the reason that C 240 has a conventional trunk of 430 liters. It’s ok. Funnily enough, he additionally has a conventional hinge mechanism with brackets. Although tucked away in the back of unique coating, however nevertheless. Up front you’re ideal and rear, the new C there may be also little to whine. The passengers are given the distance and as a bonus they armrest, cupholders and (the front of) folding headrests. The latter improves visibility while there is no one sitting in the back.

From in the back of the wheel makes the Mercedes sports activities extraordinarily mature and yet almost playfully. The latter because of the leather-based-blanketed steerage wheel, the mild colour of the meter scales and carbon fiber accents. That single wiper is getting used to, but the case is very beautifully completed and extraordinarily useful. A available groove on the device panel and a garage compartment inside the armrest accommodate – as an instance – your phone or paper. A dashboard cabinet is hardly ever. The ashtray is hidden layer. Most fantastic is the key. That isn’t always a conventional key, however a form of optical gadget. It serves doors away and also you click “m as it have been inside the dashboard to be able to force off. Altogether, the C 240 a quite sophisticated and modern car. It offers tremendous driveability, is spacious and very at ease, however sadly also very luxurious.

Mercedes-Benz C 240 (W202) 1997 Design Interior Exterior

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