Mercedes-Benz C111-II D Concept 1976 Design Interior Exterior

The idea all in all made the C 111 the total dream auto of the seventies. Its designing satisfied the guarantee of Bruno Sacco’s advanced styling. Both the C111-I of 1969 with its three-rotor Wankel motor (206 kW/280 hp) and the C 111-II of 1970 with four-rotor Wankel motor (257 kW/350 hp) awed with their easily predominant driving execution, conveying top paces of 270 and 300 km/h separately, while the C 111-II could quicken from a standing begin to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds. However notwithstanding when the Mercedes-Benz engineers stretched the Wankel motor to the very furthest reaches of its outline, the outcome did not meet the elevated requirements of Mercedes-Benz regarding unwavering quality and toughness. The more stringent emanations enactment in the United States was to demonstrate an additional confusion.

In the fall of 1973, a blacklist of the oil-creating nations realized the alleged oil emergency and raw petroleum, up to this point a modest item, turned into a valuable asset. In 1976 designers introduced low-utilization diesel motor with five chambers in the C 111-II for the primary tests. In the auto, now called C 111-IID, the OM 617 LA motor created as much as 190 hp, because of turbocharging and intercooling.

With this effective diesel motor under the cap of a tremendously styled gull-wing model, painted in brilliant orange, Mercedes-Benz was soon prepared for some record-breaking drives. In 12 June 1976, the C 111-IID achieved fantastic rates on the test track at Nardo close Lecce in Italy. Over the span of 60 hours, four drivers built up an aggregate of 16 world records thirteen of these applying to diesel-engined autos and three to autos by and large, independent of their kind of motor. Amid the tests, a normal pace of 252 km/h (152 mph) was recorded, and Mercedes-Benz demonstrated astonishingly that diesels likewise have sprinter qualities. Much all the more so when you think of it as additionally arrived at the midpoint of 19 liters/100 km

Mercedes-Benz C111-II D Concept 1976 Design Interior Exterior

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