Mercedes-Benz Citaro NGT 2015 Design Interior Exterior Bus

Augsburger Stadtwerke has taken conveyance of twelve Mercedes-Benz Citaro NGT transports (Natural Gas Technology). For over one year, Augsburg’s transport armada has been utilizing renewable normal gas 100% of the time and is the primary city far reaching with a practically CO2-impartial standard administration. The Augsburger Stadtwerke at present runs a transport armada of 89 vehicles, all of which are controlled by common gas. The twelve Citaro NGT are a take after on conveyance to the main Citaro NGT with new motor innovation that was conveyed in December 2015.

At the heart of the new Citaro NGT is the Mercedes-Benz M 936 G common gas motor. With a removal of 7.7 liters, it is at present the most conservative normal gas motor in its class: tipping the scales at only 747 kg (1,647 lbs) including the precatalyst, the motor is a course book case of effective cutting back.

The regular gas motor depends on the OM 936 turbodiesel motor. The vertically introduced six-barrel in-line mono-fuel motor keeps running on compacted normal gas or biogas. It has a yield of 222 kW (302 hp) at 2000 rpm while conveying a crest torque of 1200 N·m (885 lb-ft) reliably from 1200 to 1600 rpm. In numerous examples, it undermines the Euro VI outflow limits by an impressive edge, Daimler said.

These figures, in mix with its great force conveyance, put the single-stage turbocharged motor on a standard with its diesel-controlled partner.

In the primary transmission reach, execution and torque qualities stay steady from unmoving velocity to around 1500 rpm. Over this, the normal gas motor really conveys a slight favorable position as far as force and torque. Just from a motor velocity surpassing 2000 rpm is the diesel motor better than the regular gas motor—levels that a urban transport does not reach in genuine situations.

The gear elements of the new Citaro armada demonstrate that Augsburger Stadtwerke is not just whimsical with regards to its decision of drive framework. What first gets the attention are the strip lights which enlighten the base entryway edges and steps. Extraordinarily planned LED components on the outside of the transport show travelers holding up at a transport stop which way to use before the transport has even stopped. Green implies that travelers can board through this entryway. Red implies that there is no passage at this entryway.

The same rule applies inside the transport. A LED strip over the entryway illuminates green to flag that this way out is accessible. “These controlled shading codes for the entryways are basically intended to accomplish two points,” clarifies transport workshop administrator Ernst Schäfer. “The LED strips plainly flag to outwardly hindered travelers which entryways are accessible for passage or way out. These LEDs can moreover control traveler turnover, making getting onto and off the transport a much more liquid procedure. Also it is intended to avert “bottlenecks” in the entryway regions, a typical event on school transports or at exceptionally bustling quits amid top periods.” The outside lighting has a further favorable position: the LEDs emit so much light that they enlighten the zones around the strides, which upgrades security.

Traveler security inside the transport is upgraded by components, for example, a video reconnaissance framework in view of five cameras dispersed uniformly all through the inside. The driver can see the recorded pictures continuously or replay them on a screen in the cockpit, in addition to the spared pictures can be broke down at the control focus a while later. The NGT model has two multifunction zones for wheelchairs, Zimmer edges or prams. Get rails in brushed stainless steel and blue seats join to pass on an amazing look and feel.

The Augsburger Stadtwerke logo is watchfully flush-mounted in the backrest fabric. Glass rooftop brings forth advance light up the effectively light and roomy inside. Three 29-inch TFT screens housed in stainless steel show the present transport course, association alternatives, promoting and the most recent news. An effective cooling framework and free LTE/WiFi finish the Citaro NGT solace bundle. This rendition of the enunciated gas-controlled transport has 43 seats and standing space for a further 108 travelers.

Specification Citaro NGT 2015

Mercedes-Benz Citaro NGT 2015 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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