Mercedes-Benz CL 63 AMG 2001 Rare Cool Sedan

Mercedes-Benz CL 63 AMG 2001 Rare Cool Sedan – The second generation of the Mercedes-Benz CL-Class is a C215-chassis coupe from 2000 to 2006. It is based on the 1999-2006 Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W220), though it was riding on an 8-inch (203 mm) short wheelbase. The exterior design of the C215 and the active suspension were previewed by the Mercedes-Benz F200 concept in 1996.

The CL is offered with powered CL 500, V8 supported naturally aspirated CL 55 AMG, supercharged V8-powered CL 55 AMG, V12-powered CL 600, limited edition V12-powered CL 63 AMG, and bi-turbo V12-lighted CL 600 bi- turbo and CL 65 AMG. All four seated models.

Mercedes-Benz CL 63 AMG 2001 Rare Cool Sedan

The Mercedes-Benz CL 63 AMG (C215) 2001 is equipped with the latest Mercedes-Benz technology, and along with the CL S-Class coupe sedan accepts new technology features. With Distronic is the world’s first radar-driven automatic cruise control system. This is the first car in the world with High-beam and High beam discharge (Bi-Xenon) floodlights.

Mercedes-Benz CL 63 AMG (C215) 2001 with Active Body Control using four hydraulic pressure rigs using three pressure regulators connected to combination power steering and suspension pumps, pushing fluids at 2,960 psi (20,400 kPa) pressure through a system that, together with some medium-sized computers and a master CPU, keeping this car completely flat around the corner. Class-CL has a long list of features that are available specifically. The following features are standard: climate control, ABC (hydraulic) suspension, all-leather interior, designer wood trim, travel computer, CD, navigation system, front heater seat, power moonroof, and power door and trunk closure assistance. Optional features include a heated steering wheel and a voice-activated phone, and a front seat equipped with a fan and heater.

Mercedes-Benz CL 63 AMG 2001 Rare Cool Sedan

Mercedes-Benz CL 63 AMG (C215) 2001 is the rarest W215 CL of all. It was produced only in November 2001 and only 26 examples were ever made for sale. Some UK examples were registered in March 2002. The V12-powered CL 47 AMG is only sold in Europe and Asia. Mercedes-Benz never offers W215 CL 63 for sale, all sold exclusively through AMG.

From 1999 to 2003 Mercedes-Benz CL 63 AMG (C215) equipped V12 featuring a cylinder deactivation system called Active Cylinder Control. The feature was dropped when the V12 V12 V12 powered 500 PS (368 kW; 493 hp) was introduced.

Body type 4/5 seater fixed-head coupé
Number of doors 2
mm inches
Wheelbase 2885 113.6
Track/tread (front) 1577 62.1
Track/tread (rear) 1578 62.1
Length 4993 196.6
Width 1857 73.1
Height 1398 55
length:wheelbase ratio 1.73
Kerb weight 1955 kg 4310 lb
fuel tank capacity 88 litres 19.4 UK Gal 23.2 US Gal
engine type naturally aspirated petrol
Engine manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
Engine code M 137 E 63 AMG / 137.980
Cylinders V 12 in 60° vee
Capacity 6.3 litre
6258 cc
(381.887 cu in)
Bore × Stroke 84.5 × 93 mm
3.33 × 3.66 in
Bore/stroke ratio 0.91
Valve gear single overhead camshaft (SOHC)
3 valves per cylinder
36 valves in total
maximum power output 444 PS (438 bhp) (327 kW)
at 5500 rpm
Specific output 70 bhp/litre
1.15 bhp/cu in
maximum torque 620 Nm (457 ft·lb) (63.2 kgm)
at 4400 rpm
Specific torque 99.07 Nm/litre
1.2 ft·lb/cu3
compression ratio 10:1
Fuel system Bosch ME fuel injection
bmep (brake mean effective pressure) 1245 kPa (180.6 psi)
Maximum RPM 6000 rpm
crankshaft bearings 7
Engine coolant Water
Unitary capacity 521.5 cc
Aspiration Normal
Compressor N/A
Intercooler None
Catalytic converter Y
Acceleration 0-100km/h 5.5 s
Maximum speed 250 km/h (155 mph)
Power-to-weight ratio 227.16 PS/tonne (1000 kg)
167.07 kW/tonne (1000 kg)
224.04 bhp/tonne (1000 kg)
0.1 bhp/lb
Weight-to-power ratio 5.99 kg/kW
10 lb/bhp
Fuel consumption 22.2/9.8/14.1 l/100km urban/extra-urban/combined
litres/100km 22.2/9.8/14.1 l/100km urban/extra-urban/combined
km/litre 4.5/10.2/7.1 km/l urban/extra-urban/combined
UK MPG 12.7/28.8/20.0 UK MPG urban/extra-urban/combined
US MPG 10.6/24.0/16.7 US MPG urban/extra-urban/combined
Carbon dioxide emissions 338.0 g/km
Carfolio Calculated CO2 327.12 g/km
VED band (UK) M
Engine position front
Engine layout longitudinal
Drive wheels rear wheel drive
Torque split N/A
Steering power assisted rack & pinion
Turning circle 11.50 m
Front suspension I.4Li.
Rear suspension I.MultiLi.ARB.
Wheel size front 7½J x 17 H2
Wheel size rear 7½J x 17 H2
Tyres front 225/55 ZR 17
Tyres rear 225/55 ZR 17
Brakes F/R VeDi/VeDi-S-ABS
Gearbox 5 speed automatic
Top gear ratio 0.83
Final drive ratio 2.82

Mercedes-Benz CL 63 AMG 2001

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