Mercedes-Benz Econic 2630 L 6×2-4 ENA 2014 Design Interior Exterior Truck

Mercedes-Benz Econic 2630 L 6×2-4 ENA 2014 Design Interior Exterior Truck – The Econic experienced an extensive redesign with new diesel motors and another suspension, casing, hardware and a reexamined taxicab. Mercedes-Benz has now run one better with its extraordinary reason waste accumulation/short-span dissemination vehicle: the Econic NGT Euro VI with its new M 936 G motor will be dispatched in August at “Elmia Lastbil Jönköping” in Sweden – a worldwide exchange reasonable for the vehicle business from 20 to 23 August 2014. It will show up at Germany’s IAA Commercial Vehicles display. The new six-barrel in-line powerplant conveys the same execution as a diesel motor while in the meantime setting another benchmark regarding clamor and fumes outflows.

For Mercedes-Benz, supportability and asset protection are critical to its corporate theory. That is the reason the Econic NGT (Natural Gas Technology) has been in fruitful universal operation since 2002, with more than 1400 units in service.Whether running on fossil-based common gas or biogas from renewable assets the Econic far surpasses the required norms while guaranteeing that urban focuses stay clean and ecologically cordial.

Thus, with its new, best in class era of motors, Mercedes-Benz has additionally facilitate built up the gas drive to consent to Euro VI gauges. The outcome is the new Econic NGT in 1830 and 2630 variations.

The new M 936 G normal gas motor in the Econic depends on the OM 936 turbodiesel motor from the new 7.7 liter BlueEfficiency Power era. As a mono-fuel motor (gas-controlled just), it keeps running on packed regular gas (CNG) and has a yield of 222 kW (302 hp) while conveying greatest torque of 1200 Nm. Figures like these, in blend with its amazing force conveyance, put the single-stage turbocharged motor on a standard with its diesel-controlled partner. In the meantime, it sets new gauges as far as natural similarity, with CO2 emanations up to 20 percent beneath those of a diesel motor. Utilizing biogas2-further enhances the carbon impression.

At the heart of the idea driving the Econic – a sum of more than 13,000 units have been delivered subsequent to the model arrangement was dispatched in 1998 – is the ergonomically low-passage and exceedingly roomy taxi with its single-stride passageway. Wherever driver and front passenger(s) often need to leave the taxi over the span of their work, this setup altogether enhances their working conditions, including on the wellbeing front. The Econic has since a long time ago been synonymous with union and conveyance operations.

It is apparent at first look that the Econic has a place with the new era of Mercedes-Benz trucks. The present day outline of the Econic taxi is described by the radiator grille, more rough guards and standard-fit LED daytime running lights.

The low-passage taxi, which has possessed the capacity to be held regardless of the extra vehicle parts expected to follow the recently presented Euro VI emanations standard, accompanies a reconfigured inside.

Driver and passenger(s) in the Econic will now value the taxi like never before with its attempted and-tried low passage and uncommon spaciousness. The driver profits by a perfect workplace on account of the completely changed cockpit with its new multifunction directing wheel, which permits fast access to the instrument bunch show and radio, and additionally the exclusively positionable switches.

The movement of the stopping brake and transmission controls to the same tallness as the directing wheel makes them simpler to utilize, more secure and more ergonomic. There is added stowage space because of lockable stowage compartments over the front-traveler seats and in addition container holders in the focal console. Behind the front-traveler seats there is additionally further space for up to three beverages bottles. Different highlights of the taxicab incorporate the reconfigured air vents and electrically worked sunblind, which, in blend with more broad protection of the taxicab and motor passage, improves for a workplace inside the taxi. Both driver and passenger(s) keep on benefitting from a low section and completely coated, pneumatically opening collapsing entryway as an afterthought far from the activity.

As the Econic offers in a general sense distinctive individual answers for suit various diverse commercial enterprises, the progressions to the case are of extraordinary significance for muscle heads. Case in point, the Econic can be utilized by nearby powers as a waste accumulation vehicle, by sustenance and beverages conveyance firms or by flame administrations as a vehicle with turntable stepping stool or as an assistant flame quenching vehicle. Also, the Econic is effectively utilized as a tanker or providing food vehicle at air terminals.

Uniform gap designs in blend with a versatile end cross part and adjusted segments behind the taxi result in enhanced body-mounting capacity while giving additional execute mounting space. The heap limit of the front pivot has additionally been expanded to eight tons. In accordance with the normal parts idea driving the Econic, the motor, frame and axles are assembled from the same arrangement of essential segments utilized for the huge truck arrangement. This furnishes clients with noteworthy advantages in connection to overhauling and upkeep.

Mercedes-Benz Econic 2630 L 6×2-4 ENA 2014 Design Interior Exterior Truck

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