Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo HORIZON 2017 Design Traveling Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo HORIZON 2017 Design Traveling Vehicles – Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo HORIZON 2017 is a discovery for everyone who enjoys the pleasure of a stylish and sporty adventure tour. Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo camper car from Mercedes-Benz is a fashionable and high-quality friend for recreational activities and camping trips. The shared spirit for uncompromising mobility characterizes long-term collaboration with expert partners, Westfalia. The Marco Polo camper van is very compact and comfortable. At the same time, the diversity of recreational activities creates a variety of different requirements that define Marco Polo’s special design. Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo HORIZON 2017 is a stylish daily companion for outdoor enthusiasts.

Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo Horizon 2017 4MATIC AMG Line Design Traveling Vehicles

That’s why Marco Polo can be found in three different variants. Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo is the most luxurious camping van with a well-equipped living room. Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo HORIZON 2017 is a stylish daily companion for outdoor enthusiasts. The third family member, Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo ACTIVITY, offers maximum flexibility and durability for every adventure. The diversity of the Marco Polo series provides the perfect camping van for everyone.

Based on the V-Class, Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo HORIZON 2017 adopts an unrivaled Mercedes-Benz design language expressed by striking fronts with tapered hoods and modern headlamps. The interaction between large, quiet surfaces and striking lines is impressive. A harmonious and aesthetic side design greatly illustrates the benefits of Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo HORIZON 2017. Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo HORIZON 2017 almost resembled a camper van. Instead, it offers the optimal balance between passenger vehicle and space magic while also suitable for underground parking thanks to its height of less than two meters. Only the Westfalia letters on the back and a modest pop up roof, elegantly blending into the upper part of the body, reveal Marco Polo’s innate desire for adventure.

AMG sports cars are always emotional, dynamic and, naturally, sporty. For the first time, AMG Line is now available for Mercedes-Benz recreational vehicles. The progressive and distinctive AMG lines are reflected from exterior features like sporty front and rear skirts with chrome loading sill protection, AMG alloy wheels and AMG break-away edges with improved aerodynamics. The interior also has a clear AMG sign. The noble-looking carbon-trim element and the black roof layers create a cool overall appearance. Brushed aluminum sports pedals and silver-chrome vents give AMG Line a distinctive sports car.

Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo Horizon 2017 4MATIC AMG Line Design Traveling Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo HORIZON 2017 is available with three sophisticated four-cylinder diesels. These machines are distinguished by high torque, low economic consumption and noise. The 100 kW and 120 kW variants are equipped with a robust and efficient 6-speed manual transmission as standard features. The 140 kW variant along with all 4MATIC all-wheel drive variants comes with 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission with CRUISE CONTROL, start aids, kick-down switches, immobilizer and DYNAMIC SELECT switches. In addition, Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo HORIZON 2017 is also equipped with a comfortable suspension to ensure superior driving comfort in almost every situation. Optionally, this vehicle is also available with AGILITY CONTROL or sport suspension system.

The efficient engine Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo HORIZON 2017 meets the demands of Euro 6 Gr. My emissions standards. As a result, Mercedes-Benz makes a responsible contribution to the future. In addition to emission reduction measures such as catalytic converters and particle filters, these vehicles also use BlueTEC technology. This significantly reduces nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel engines. All engines with 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission are also equipped with BlueEFFICIENCY package. The ECO start / stop function prevents unnecessary emissions by shutting down the engine when the vehicle stops in the city center or is stuck. The fuel efficiency generator also recharges the battery during braking. In addition, this vehicle has an additional aerodynamic optimization at the bottom of the car body. The BlueEFFICIENCY package is available as an option for all other engine variants.

Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo HORIZON 2017 pop-up roof can be installed in just a few moments, creating up to five people for sleeping in perfect comfort on a roof bed and on a three-seat bench. Of course, five people in a confined space can quickly become uncomfortable. That is why additional hot air heaters, electric ventilation windows and integrated ventilated inserts on the roof bed provide optimal air flow and circulation. It’s time to take a nap, the blinds are curtains and the color glass at the back is comfortably darkened the interior. Two flexible LED floodlights are integrated into the roof bed for everyone who likes to read in bed.

New innovative Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo HORIZON 2017 needs to offer more than highly dynamic handling and comfort. Digital information about the vehicle and traffic, a radio and smartphone connection have become important features that need to be harmoniously and intuitively integrated into the cockpit. Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo HORIZON comes with the Audio 20 USB system. External devices can be connected to the large CENTRAL MEDIA DISPLAY via Bluetooth in order to play back music or show photos. The instrument cluster with color display provides clear feedback which remains easily visible in all lighting conditions.

Optionally Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo HORIZON 2017, the COMAND Online multimedia system provides an innovative array of interfaces such as the COMAND Controller with touchpad or the LINGUATRONIC voice control system, eliminating the need to waste time tapping tiny icons. Naturally, in honor of its namesake, the Marco Polo HORIZON also features a precision navigation system. COMAND Online receives free map updates for three years. The Garmin® MAP PILOT is available as an option to turn the Audio 20 USB into a fully-fledged navigation system. Using real-time traffic information and topographical 3D map displays, the precise and ergonomic interfaces bring the passengers to their destination safely and with outstanding entertainment.

Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo HORIZON 2017 Design Traveling Vehicles

With its Mercedes me world, Mercedes-Benz creates an impressive and comprehensive package for your mobility. The connectivity options provide tailored services and content which enrich and simplify the users’ lives in addition to ensuring greater safety. Mercedes me connect enhances the interaction and relationship between the driver and Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The Marco Polo features the basic Mercedes me connect services : In addition, the Mercedes me connect Remote Online services are also available for the COMAND Online and Audio 20 USB with Garmin® MAP PILOT. This includes remote locking and unlocking, parking heater programming and remotely querying the vehicle status for information about the tire pressure, tank level and other vehicle data. In addition, the vehicle can also be located and geographically monitored. Users simply register in the Mercedes me portal and then download the app for iOS or android.

Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo HORIZON 2017

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